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How to Use Elementor Templates: The Definite Guide

How to Use Elementor Templates The Definite Guide

How to use Elementor templates? Using any Elementor template is a bit tricky. If you can implement it properly, the website may look awkward. The Elementor page builder has stood out among all other page builders in WordPress. As a result, Elementor is the best companion for all the WordPress developers out there.

This easy drag and drop page builder elevated the website creation to a whole new level. Elementor integrates with the website so nicely that everyone loves using it. Elementor gives you access to vast options for a seamless design.

With Elementor onboard, you can create any category of websites. There is a colossal collection of templates in Elementor page builder. It contains ready to go professional templates which cover almost all the template category.

Wait. There is more. You can also enlarge the template library with extra addons. There are addons like Droit Addons for Elementor, Envato Elements, Essential Addons for Elementor. These add more to the Elementor’s available collection of templates.

When you are using Elementor as your page builder, your design limit is the sky. As a result, you get the ultimate independence in designing a website.

There is much use of the Elementor template library. We are going to dive deeper into that. This article will cover all the aspects of the template library that can benefit you. We will also focus on how to use a template in Elementor.

How to Use Elementor Templates?

If you are wondering how to use the Elementor template library, you should know that it is easy. You don’t have to be good with codes. You will insert the templates wherever you want, whenever you want.

Let us look into the applications of Elementor templates and how you can get the best out of them.

But before getting started, you should know, the whole library unlocks only in the pro version of Elementor. You will still get some templates on the free version, but those are basic ones.  You can only design the basic layouts. Complex and professional design requires well-crafted templates.

Check our comparison on Elementor Pro vs Free

So it is better to unlock the pro features for accessing all the elements.

Using Elementor Template to Your Desired Page

So, how to use Elementor page templates? If you want to add a whole page, that is also possible.

First, navigate to your desired page from the WordPress dashboard. Select Edit With Elementor. Now you are inside the Elementor page builder.

The template library is the file icon in the middle of the page. Clicking there, you will enter the whole template library. If it is your first time using the template library, you have to sign in to your Elementor account and link it to the library. If you don’t have an account, open it for free.

You can toggle between the Blocks, Pages, and My Templates sections from the top.  This area is the whole template section. So you can quickly search for a block and page category and scroll among them to choose the best-suited design.

To add a block or section, click insert from the top right side. You can also insert a whole page following the same procedure.

Saving Page or Sections as Templates

You can create your design and save it for further use. Your creation has value. So, storing it as a template will help you get it in the My Templates section.

Saving as a template is an easy process. When you have done designing and determined to keep it as a template, look for the green button at the bottom of the Elementor Page builder.

Click on the arrow sign, and there will be a pop-up. Choose to save as a template from there. Next, give your template a name.

You might be thinking about how to use the saved template in Elementor. Right?

Head back to the template library, and you will see the “My templates” option. This section is the collection of your saved templates.

You can easily save your tweaked or created blocks and pages as templates.
Give the template saving feature a try.                                                                      

Exporting Templates

Exporting templates is also a great feature. You can store templates on your computer by downloading them.

Move to the My templates section on the template library. Find the template that you want to export. Then, click on the three dots to export.

Now the file will download to your device. This one is a great way to store templates on your device.

Now you can directly upload the templates anytime you need them.

Importing Templates

You can import your downloaded, purchased, or exported templates from your computer.

Usually, template files come in .zip archive or JASON  format.

Find the template file you want to upload. Now go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on the import templates option. It will navigate you to the upload page. There will be an Import templates button at the top of the page. Click on that and browse or drag the file from the computer. Upload the file, and it will appear on the templates list.

Now you can insert it directly from the template library. You may collect templates from various sources. Importing is an excellent and easy way to use them.

Where Can You Find More Elementor Templates?

There are several Addons, which increases the existing collection of Elementor. You can directly add them by searching on the plugin collection of WordPress, or you can upload and install them.

Specialized addons for Elementor integrates very quickly with the Elementor Environment. So they give you a good user experience.

Droit Addons for Elementor

Droit Elementor Addons WordPress Plugin

Droit can be the best place for getting started with an addon. It serves a perfect amount of collection. You can quickly add it from the WordPress plugin store.

From the WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and then select Add new. Type Droit Addons For Elementor in the search box. Now install and activate it.

Once activated, the additional feature will integrate with the Elementors available features.

Droit offers 23+ beautifully crafted addons with 73+ styles to choose from for your website. You are getting all these elements for free. You can use the immense collections of ready templates at zero cost.

On top of that, it offers 43+ widgets with 140+ preset when you unlock the premium version.

The block and sections are mobile responsive. You can do unlimited section nesting using Droit. The templates load faster, and the overall loading speed is excellent.

The premium version of Droit Elementor Addons starts from 59$ usually. But it is now discounted to 29$ for a limited period.

Envato Elements

envato elements

Envato Elements addon for Elementor has a lot in its collection. It gives you royalty-free images and videos. However, when you are dealing with websites, no copyright images and videos are required. Envato Elements made that easy for you.

It has both free and premium template kits for Elementor.

You already know how to use Elementor template kits. In the same way, you can access the Envato Elements Library. You will find it beside the Elementor template library icon.

Creating a whole website from scratch is easy with Envato Elements. You can import a fully customizable and ready website from the collection.

But you will get access to limited resources on its free version. You have to purchase the premium packages to get the best out of Envato Elements.

Their plan starts at 16$ a month.

Essential Addon for Elementor

Essential Addons

You can enhance your design experience with the Essential Addons for Elementor. They offer 1000+ ready templates on their packages.

Templates and blocks consume less space, so loading speed is fast.

There is a free version, but you have to purchase a premium version for accessing all the elements.

Essential Addons offers you 70+ premium elements. In addition, it has a vast collection of all other components. Moreover, you can quickly import and customize the theme with a click.

They charge 39$ for a lifetime on a single website.

Elementor Header & Footer Builder

Header footer builder

We often overlook the header and footer area during website creation. Also, there is not much option to tweak these sections.

The header and footer contain the most valuable information like contact details, sitemap, address, etc.

If you want to create custom headers and footers for your website, Elementor Header & Footer Builder can make it easy for you. You can choose from their collection of ready-made templates, or you can create one from scratch.

Its responsive and attractive design makes your site look gorgeous. In addition, you can add global widgets and create a custom one.

This addon is specialized for working with the header and footer section.

To Sum Up

Elementor has a lot in its collection. Creating a website is easy and fun with Elementor templates.  If you know how to use Elementor templates, you will have the ultimate design capability.

You will be able to create literary any website with the help of this feature.

The templates are professional and gorgeous looking.

Elementor is gaining fame from its tremendous amount of features. Dominating the WordPress platform is not an easy task. However, Elementor is doing it seamlessly for quite a long time. Hope, our guidelines on how to use Elementor templates will help you to install templates properly on your website.