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WordPress plugins are life savers. Once you set up your website, using the right set of plugins will enhance the overall quality of your website. Each of the plugins has different implications. They are useful in different ways and come with different variations of features.

Today we will write about one of the prominent learning management system plugins. LearnPress is one of the most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. In the following, we will discuss the benefits of using LearnPress. 

Learnpress is Free

The LearnPress plugin is free and has all the necessary features you need for a working LMS on your website. Even though LearnPress has a premium version of their website with different add-ons, however the features that come with the free version of the plugin are adequate enough to manage an LMS on your website.

So, with the help of LearnPress you can easily set up an online learning platform that makes your learning experience easier. With the help of this free theme you can add many features on your website to transform it to a complete learning platform.


Easy Course Creation

LearnPress makes it super easy to create courses, quizzes, and lessons with an easy-to-use user interface. With the help of this theme, you can create a complete learning experience.

From creating courses, to generating questions and taking quizzes online has been made easier than ever. If you want to create an online course on your website, you can do it easily with the built in free features of LearnPress.

It gives you all the necessary options to create a course. With LearnPress, you can create courses, manage the courses you have created, and even sell the courses. With this useful WordPress plugin, you can even communicate with the learners via a forum and connect with your learners even more.

Feature Rich

Apart from creating courses, Learnpress has many features that any educator will like. Apart from creating courses, you can also give your learners the opportunity to create a wish list of courses they might attend in the near future.

This feature is very important for learners who prefer to learn at their own pace. They can create a wish list of the courses they like and gradually educate themselves with those.

With the help of LearnPress, you can collect reviews of the courses from the learners to create an interactive learning experience for them. Learning needs to be interactive and the learners have all the right to voice their opinions.

With that thought, the learners can share their feedback and opinion regarding the courses they have taken. It will increase the overall quality of the entire learning experience. With the export-import feature of the plugin, you can use learning materials as per your preference.

From an educator’s point of view, it can reduce a lot of repetitive tasks and make it easier for you to navigate through the process of creating the course easily. LearnPress also allows you to add some prerequisite courses for learners.

For example if you want learners to pass some specific courses before they can enroll in a course that can be easily done with the help of LearnPress.

Add On Features

Apart from the free features of the plugin, it is very rich when it comes to paid add-ons of the plugin. With the paid add-ons of the plugin, you can create a worthwhile learning experience and a learning management system. LearnPress has the following paid add-ons features:


With this additional feature, instructors can assign homework to the learners. These assignments can be graded later on as well. With this feature, the learning experience gets more interactive.


With the myCRED add-on, you can integrate the point system to your e-learning experience. This will add an additional feature with the learning experience. You can give out points upon completion of courses and tasks. This can work as a motivating factor and increase retention of the learners in the long run.


With the certificate add-on, your learners can avail a certificate upon finishing of courses. You can use the built in drag and drop option to design a certificate for your learners. Or you can give a customized certificate to the learners. This enhances the overall learning experience. This feature makes the overall learning management system more professional and structured.


Adding Woo-Commerce with your LearnPress plugin, you can monetize your learning platform. You can use this add-on to take payment for your courses and make money through the platform. 


With this add-on feature, you can create membership of your learners. The members will get special features and benefits once they have signed up as members. This can be a very effective tool to encourage interactive learning and value based learning.

learnpress Features

Apart from these key add-ons, LearnPress also includes the following add-on:

  • Co-instructor add-on to add co-instructor to a course
  • Collections add-on to create collections of courses learners have completed
  • Stripe payment method
  • 2Checkout payment gateway
  • add-ons
  • Content drip feature to restrict access to lessons with progress of time
  • Commission add-on
  • Grade book
  • Random quiz
  • Paid membership pro
  • Announcement add on

These are the overall add-ons that can be integrated with LearnPress.


LearnPress is compatible with all the major tools and plugins. To begin with it is compatible with buddy press, Paypal, WooCommerce, Stripe and more. Along with that it is compatible with the tools that are present in the paid add-ons category of the theme. The compatibility of this plugin makes it one of the go to plugins for learning system management.

With all the above mentioned features and benefits, LearnPress can be considered as one of the must have plugins for learning system management. If you are a trainer, instructor or run an organization that focuses on learning, LearnPress alone makes your platform standout from the rest. Get this plugin and enjoy the quality features to create a memorable and effective learning experience.

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