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Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins of 2024


WordPress popup plugin is like a bridge that creates a bond between the visitors of your website and you. With the help of popup plugins, you can collect the email addresses of your visitors and subscribers list from the email address.

Along with that, if you have any registration, course, membership offers, etc. you can easily collect the email address of interested customers with the help of the popup plugins. A popup plugin is also an essential plugin along with other variations of plugins. However, some plugins will slow down your website, create irritation for the visitors, and many more problems.

As a result, it is better to pick the plugin that is most likely to perform the best. But nothing good comes for free right? The majority of the available plugins are paid plugins. As a result, it is important to have free WordPress popup plugins that will serve your purpose.

With that note, we have listed down the best free WordPress popup plugins of 2024 for you. We hope that this list of free WordPress popup plugins will help you find the right plugin that fits your needs and requirements.

1. Popup Builder

popup builder

Popup Builder is one of the most popular free popup plugins that can come handy for your project. You can easily build a popup based on your requirement. Popup builder comes with variations of options that you can use to build a popup just the way you want to.

You can design and manage unlimited popups. Along with that you have the full freedom to customize how your popups will look. Popup Builder comes with built in themes for popups. You can pick from these themes to get started with a popup on website.

With Popup Builder, you can strategically select the location of your popup. Along with that, you can set how many scrolls after which the visitor will receive the popup.

Features such as OnClick/OnHover popup are also included with this free popup plugin. Popup Builder is a feature rich plugin that is compatible with WPML, visual composer, divi builder and so on.

You can create your popups seamlessly with the help of this plugin. With the help of this plugin, designing and managing your popups will be super easy. You can place any sort of content into the popup with the help of this builder.

If you get the paid version of this plugin, you can integrate it with WooCommerce, social proof, web push notification popup and many more. As this plugin is compatible with majorities of the integration tools, page builders and so on, you can easily use this plugin to design your popup and turn your website visitors into potential customers.

2. Popup Maker

popup maker

The next in line on the list of the best free popup plugins is the Popup Maker. Popup Maker is one of the most popular popup plugins that you can use to create and design your plugins. This popup plugin has different features and customization options.

With the help of the Popup Maker, you can use email opt-in popups, upgrade popups, contact form, cookies notice, slide-ins, loading screen popups, notification popups, and many more variations of popup.

Popup Maker is feature rich and you can be creative while designing your popup with this simple yet effective popup plugin.

Popup Maker is compatible with different plugins that are specialized in developing contact forms. You can easily use Popup Maker if you are using Ninja forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and many more. Along with that, Popup Maker is also compatible with list building plugins and forms. In addition, with the help of the popup editor you can easily use any format and variation of content inside your popup and develop a creative popup very easily. With the help of the condition feature, you can target specific audiences based on their behavior on your website.

If you are running an online shop with WooCommerce set up, you can seamlessly integrate the popup to create targeted popups for your audience as well. Popup Maker has click triggers and auto open triggers built in. If you want to generate a popup whenever a visitor clicks on a specific tab or button, you can easily set it up with the help of Popup Maker.

The Auto open triggers will allow you to present a popup to the visitor after a specific time. Last but not the least, the built in theme editor of the popup will give you creative freedom to pick from a wide range of colors, designs, fonts and other design materials.

3. Hustle


Hustle is well known as an effective marketing plugin. This free popup plugin will ease the process of email marketing, generating leads and overall other activities. This plugin is growing in popularity gradually. Apart from creating a mailing list and generating leads, this popup can also facilitate the process of showcasing targeted advertisement to the specific audience. You can set these audiences within the plugin, and the plugin will take care of the rest. 

One of the good features of this plugin is that it comes with many premade templates to choose from. You can pick any of the premade templates you like and create a popup in no time. You can get creative with designing these premade templates to create a better and customized version of your popup.

As your website might have visitors from a desktop as well as from mobile. So it is better to create popup that are retina ready irrespective of the device being used. In case of Hustle, you can easily create, design and custom made popup for a desktop computer, laptop and mobile. Hustle can be a good pick for you if you are looking for customizable popup plugins. Because the plugin comes with a wide variety of options to customize and modify the plugin.

Along with that, Hustle has the feature to place targeted popups. With the help of intelligent conditions, you can place targeted communication towards your target audience. In addition the smart trigger feature of the plugin will allow you to show popup based on the time they have spent on the page, scroll and exit-intent. 

Hustle can be an awesome pick for you if you want to have a plugin with higher customization. Hustle will come handy when you need a hand for a stellar popup setup on your website.

4. Marketing Toolkit by OptinMonster


OptinMonster is one of the popular popup plugins that can help you to create a subscriber list, generate leads and ensure overall growth of business. Along with many other features, OptinMonster comes with the feature of generating customized popups.

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to create popup forms, email subscription forms, announcement bars, gamified spin a wheel popup, and many variations of interactive popups. OptinMonster is designed with a focus on user experience. The popups that can be created and designed with the help of these popups are fully responsive. Your visitors will have a similar experience from mobile devices and desktop.

Along with that, this popup has all the features needed to create a highly customized popup. You can target your website visitors based on their behavior and create customized popups. You can use intelligent conditions to narrow down your audience.

You can even select specific time and schedule to reach out to a visitor with a customized popup. The extent of customization is really an asset for OptinMonster. This popup comes with pre built in templates that you can use to create a popup very easily. OptinMonster has the signature exit-intent popup technology, with the aid of this tool, this plugin has gained enormous popularity.

Last but not the least, OptinMonster comes with additional features such as A/B testing your popups, popup integration with email marketing tools and popup analytics. These features will help you to make better decisions and communicate better with your audience. OptinMonster is loaded with these features on the premium version of the plugin, however the free version has feature richness too. 

5. WP Popups

wp popups

WP Popups is one of the most easy to use popups. This particular plugin has a very simple setup and design process. You can easily use different popups such as important messages, EU cookies notice, call to action popups, subscribers list and so on. The interesting feature of this plugin is the easy to use and simplicity of the plugin. Even if you do not know any coding or programming, it will not be a matter at all. You can create a popup with the built in options very easily.

This plugin is compatible with popular forms plugins such as the WP Forms, Gravity forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 and many more. There are many customization options for WP Popups. You can change color, font, background, borders etc. while you design the popup. You can place the popup in the predetermined 5 different popup locations.

With the help of intelligent condition you can add features such as visitors will see the popup after spending X amount of time on the page, after visiting any specific page, after scrolling a certain percentage of page and many more. With the advanced filter options, you can curate the audience and ensure you show the popup to different individuals who are most likely to benefit from and engage with the popup communication.

If you are looking for a simply designed and easy to use popup that serves the basic purpose, you can pick WP Popups. The mentioned features comes with the free version of the plugin. In addition to that, the paid version of the plugin has many more advanced features that you can benefit from.

6. Popups, Welcome Bar, Options and Lead Generation Plugin – Icegram


Icegram’s popup plugin is one of the most neatly designed free WordPress popup plugins. You can use this up to date plugin to create and design popups that meet the requirements you have. This plugin has an adequate amount of uniqueness in the overall features of the plugin. Apart from using this plugin for optin, list-building and creating subscribers list, you can do more with this creatively crafted plugin.

You can use popups in different formats and designs. For example, with this plugin you can show lightbox popups, action bars on headers and footers, toast notification and slide-in messages. With this plugin, you can not only easily create the plugin but also the visitors will have a smooth and easy user experience while navigating through the popup. You have the creative flexibility to design the popup with different designs and creativity. Add an appealing call to action and get the most out of your plugin.

 The plugin is retina ready and mobile responsive. It can serve its purpose equally from mobile devices as well from desktop. Along with that you can use different intelligent conditions to select the timing and filter out the audience who will receive the communication and who will not.  The powerful display targeting rules will be an advantage to reach out to the most accurate audience.

If you are in the search for a free WordPress popup plugin with customization, Icegram can be the right pick for you. You can easily create stellar popups with the built in design options and get started with creating lists, generating leads and growing your business.

7. Video Popup

video popup

Video Popup is an exclusively designed free popup plugin that specializes on showing videos as popups. As many of the content creators are moving towards creating video contents, a popup that is bespoke for videos will be an added advantage for them. This plugin with the lightbox feature, easily shows video as popups to reach to the required audience. The responsive and retina ready plugin comes with 20 built in demos. You can set up this plugin easily if you choose from any of these live demos. You can integrate videos from YouTube, SoundCloud and also integrate MP4 videos from self-hosted video support and external links.

The plugin is responsive and retina ready. Your visitor will be able to see the video as it is across all devices. There is also room for customization. You can tweak the measurement of the videos partially to fit the requirements and so on. Along with that, while integrating videos from YouTube you can specify the time frame of a video. In addition you can add overlay, text and other designs to create an appealing popup.

If you are looking for a popup plugin that is specifically designed for videos, then this plugin will serve your purpose. If you are a vlogger, content creator or online trainer, this tool can come handy to you for communicating with your website visitors with the required communication.

These are the different free WordPress popup plugins you can use on your website to communicate with your visitors, create a subscribers list, do email marketing, and ensure overall growth for your cause. With the help of these popup plugins and many other WordPress plugins you can have a good quality website up and running in no time.