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8 Tips for an Amazing Tumblr Header

8 Tips for Picking your Tumblr Header

Fast impression lasts, and the way you make your first impression on Tumblr is by having an amazing Tumblr header. You can go full on buzzing with your header or be unique with subtleness.

Either way, if you get some basics right, your Tumblr page will be a treat to the eyes. In the following we will discuss a few tips that will help you to come up with an amazing Tumblr header. These tips are fairly basic, you can add your two cents with it and do creative expansion. Let’s have a look at the tips for an amazing Tumblr header.

Size and Dimensions

Size matters! At least for your Tumblr header. In general the aspect ratio of a Tumblr header is 16:9. If you are designing a header from the scratch or editing an image, consider keeping the aspect ratio as 16:9. In pixels it is counted as 1980 x 1080 px. You can play around with the full width of the design. As you are getting more white space to work on, you can include information within the header if you feel like. Or you can go with a minimalistic and simple design for your header. The choice is yours. But the overall dimension of the Tumblr header should be 16:9. For size, images should be within 10 MB and if you are using animated GIF, it should be within 2 MB.

Crop and Resize Where Necessary

If you are planning to upload a header that is square sized or vertical in dimension. You will have to crop and resize the image in order to meet the header area. Tumblr has a built-in crop and resize feature that you can use to tweak the creative you want to use. Along with that do not forget to check on the “stretch header image”. By selecting this option, your header image will fill up the header space automatically. If you are including any communication within the header, make sure you do not cut or resize it away from the header. Be careful while you are cropping so that the necessary elements aren’t chopped off.

Your Avatar Should Complement Your Header

You have the freedom to pick what will be the shape of your avatar that stays in the middle of the header. You can pick round shape or square shape based on your preference. While picking the shape, ensure it complements the header you have selected. Use the similar background color, font and design pattern so that it does not look misplaced. So pick the size and overall design of the avatar based on the header image you are going with.

One Line Says it All

If your blog has a specific theme, you can mention a line or two about it on the header. It will give the visitor an idea of what your blog is about. This is one way to resonate what your blog stands is for. For example: you are writing a Tumblr blog on anime. In that case you can add a catchy text on the header such as “A-Z of Anime”. This will give the reader an idea of what your blog is about. However, this will also narrow down your audience. If you want to keep the audience broad you can use a broader text such as, “Life as We Live It” will have a broader audience base. So if you are using the one line strategy, must pick it wisely.

The Gallery Grid

If your blog is focused on visual representation, you can use the gallery grid style for your header. For example you run a blog about wildlife photography. In that case, your header can be the best capture you have made while you were out in nature. Even if we call this strategy the Gallery Grid, but does not necessarily mean it has to be a grid. The point is to showcase the creatively captured pictures or designs in an astonishing manner. This style will be much effective for bloggers who are focused on visual representation. Photographers, cooks, digital artists, web designers, painters etc. can use this style to decorate their header.

The GIF Header

In Tumblr, you can also put a GIF header easily. You can design and craft your own animated version of the header and use it on Tumblr. You can go creative with different text, icons and images to portray what your website stands for. It will create a lasting impression on the reader if you can creatively communicate what your blog is about with the help of an animated GIF. It will definitely help you to stand out from the rest of the content creators if you can creatively implement uniqueness on the header of your blog. You can use different icons, typography, images and motion to make a stellar header.  

The Aesthetic Anomaly

You can use different aesthetic pictures and illustrations to create an aesthetic look and feel of your website. You can use an image that resonates the core message of your blog so that it is easier for the readers to connect the dots. Based on the topic you are writing on, you can pick an image that best suits with the message you are trying to convey. You can creatively use these images and bring a classy look on your page. You can use different color variations and modification on the images to tweak in a subtle way.

Be Yourself

Your blog is a mirror of what you are. And the header of your blog is the sneak peek into the vast ocean that you are. So it is extremely important to be unique when you design the header. And is there any better way to be unique than to be just yourself? You are unique and that is your power. Capitalize on that power and showcase to the world what you truly stand for. Thus last but not the least, the tips that will help you to have a unique Tumblr header is to be yourself. 

These are the tips that will make your Tumblr header a sensational one. We have included many tips focusing on the broad audience. You can pick what suits best with your blog and go on to have an amazing and unique Tumblr header.