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20 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes of 2024 (Free + Paid)

AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Ads are not cool. But it’s cool when it’s making you money, right? If you have a website with quality content, you are very close to making some money from it. For the easiest and hassle-free site monetization, I have two words for you: “Google AdSense”.

Through integration with Google AdSense, your website will be able to display advertisements and generate money for you. If you are planning to get started with a new website, make sure it is AdSense optimized.

An AdSense optimized WordPress website will ease the entire process of placing advertisements on your site in diversified formats. With that thought, we have listed the 20 best AdSense Optimized WordPress themes of 2024. 

Before going to the details, let’s clarify more on Google AdSense and what it can do for you. 

What Google AdSense does?

Google AdSense helps you to display and manage ads on your website. You can display ads on your website in many formats such as image, GIF and video. Google AdSense will ease the entire process for you. Whenever a visitor in your website clicks on any of the Ads, you will get a share of the revenue from the Ad. 

What is an AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes cater to many needs and requirements. Each WordPress theme has its own special features. An AdSense optimized WordPress theme provides your website an advertisement optimized design. This design will enable your website to have ads and make money from it. Along with that, AdSense optimized WordPress themes ease the process of integrating Google AdSense with your website.

If you are not a fan of the technical side, there is nothing to worry about. Google AdSense will provide you a simple Ads code to place ads in your website. In addition, Google AdSense will allow you to add any type of advertisement in no time. In simple words, AdSense optimized WordPress theme will make placing ads and generating revenue a piece of cake. 

What are the Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes?

To ensure you get the most out of this write up, we have blended both free and paid themes. The listing is done based on the followings:

  • AdSense compatibility: All of the themes listed here are AdSense compatible. You can easily connect AdSense with these WordPress themes. 
  • Number of users: Numbers talk, right? We have listed the themes based on the number of sales they have generated. For free themes, we focused on the number of active installations. On the other hand, paid themes with handsome amounts of sales have been considered worthy of the list. 
  • Rating: Last but not least, we have focused on the users’ feedback and ratings. We dug deep into the feedback of the users to ensure we list only the cream of the crop. 

Let’s have a look at the 20 best AdSense optimized themes of 2024.

*The price noted here is subject to change based on discounts and sale offers

1. ColorMag

Colormag AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

ColorMag is a free WordPress theme well suited for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. The theme is AdSense optimized, so you can get started with placing ads in no time.

ColorMag comes with different layouts and demos. You can easily pick from the existing demos, import it and get started with your website. If you are looking for a news focused website, ColorMag has the right tools for you. 

With many widgets and options, ColorMag also allows you to color code different sections very easily. You can categorize your news sections or blogs and also paint them with the color of your preference. 

This theme is Google AdSense optimized and it includes advertisement banner space. You can use this to showcase different advertisements on your website. Along with that, this theme is fully responsive. It has proper visibility and accessibility from any device.

Colormag has 15+ versatile widget areas you can utilize. Plus, it has 5+ customizable widget areas. If you want to integrate WooCommerce into your website, ColorMag has WooCommerce integration as well.

If you are interested in the free WordPress theme and also looking for AdSense compatibility, ColorMag can be a good choice for you. ColorMag has 100,000+ active installations and 5 star rating from its users. 

Get ColorMag →

2. MH Magazine

MH Magazine AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

MH Magazine is another Google AdSense compatible free WordPress theme. MH magazine is fully responsive. The user experience is similar from any device and platform. MH magazine is also suitable for news, magazine and blog focused websites. It comes with different layouts and demos to choose from. You can easily start your website using the demos and layouts. 

MH Magazine includes 26+ widgets areas. You can design your website using these widgets and also by built in drag and drop options. Along with that, MH Magazine also provides many areas on your page to display your ad. Once integrated, the MH Magazine website can be easily used to place and manage advertisements. 

If you are looking for a creatively displayed website with AdSense compatibility, MH Magazine is the right pick. The friendly layout of the website makes it super easy to manage advertisements through AdSense. MH Magazine has a total of 30,000+ active installations and 5 star rating. MH Magazine is a good choice if you are looking for a free Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme.

Get MH Magazine

3. CoverNews

3. Covernews AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

CoverNews is a sharp and stylish free WordPress theme best fitted for blogs and magazines. It also does justice to its name by giving a professional look to a news website. The theme is fully responsive and retina ready from any device and platform. It comes with three built in demos. You can pick any demo of your choice or use built in tools to customize the website as you like. 

This Gutenberg compatible theme comes with many features. The theme provides an easy integration option with Google AdSense. You can easily manage and display ads on this theme. CoverNews is also WooCommerce compatible. It offers a good deal of no charge. Moreover, it provides adequate support to its customers if needed.

CoverNews has 10,000+ active installations and a 4.5 star rating from its users. The feedback of the users emphasized on the style and creativity of the website. Along with that it got a pat on the back for its customer support. 

Get CoverNews →

4. Newspaper

4. Newspaper AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Newspaper is one the best premium WordPress themes that specializes in news, blogs and review focused websites. Newspaper is fully responsive and comes with a variety of templates and layouts. If you are looking for a theme to cope with high frequency blogs, Newspaper is the right choice for you. 

The newspaper is best known for its creative outlook and retina readiness. The process of integrating AdSense with newspapers is super easy. Once integrated, you can easily manage and display ads on your website.

You can publish ads just by adding the code in required boxes and the theme will take of the rest. Along with that, the full responsiveness of the website will ensure the ads are responsive for the viewers as well. The YouTube video embedding options uplifts the creative aspect of the website. 

Newspaper is priced at $59* per year. Currently it has a whooping 99K+ sales with 5 star rating and has been trending in themeforest as of now. The sales frequency and rating indicates the growing popularity of this theme. If you are looking to invest some money for a theme that is Google AdSense optimized, Newspaper can be the accurate choice for you. 

Get Newspaper

5. NewsMag

5. NewsMag AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Just as the name suggests, NewsMag is a Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme suitable for newspapers and magazines. It comes with many creatively designed layouts and templates to choose from. Plus, it has built in layouts and demos that you can easily use to get started with your website. These demos are crafted creatively to match the current standards.

You have the option to pick from any of these demos. NewsMag comes with a built in page builder. You can also customize and design the website using these page builders.

NewsMag has an intelligent advert feature. This enables the website to show your ad in predetermined spots. These spots have been selected strategically to generate the highest click through rate. The setting up of AdSense is also very easy. You just insert the code and let the theme do its job. In addition, the feature of easily embedding YouTube videos with your blog has made it a stellar website.

NewsMag is currently priced at $49* and has a resounding 15K+ sales. Along with that, there are very positive reviews on the theme from its users. Plus, it has a 4.82 rating which also indicates the efficiency of the theme. 

Get NewsMag

6. Astra

Adsense Blog Template - Astra

Astra WordPress theme is a perfect choice for bloggers looking for a fast, lightweight, and customizable theme for their blog website templates. With its clean and elegant design, Astra provides a seamless user experience for readers on any device. 

Astra also offers a range of pre-built templates and customization options that allow you to create a unique and professional-looking blog.

One of the standout features of Astra is its performance. Astra is optimized for speed and SEO, making it a great choice for bloggers who want their content to be easily discoverable on search engines. 

Additionally, Astra is fully compatible with popular WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, WPForms, and WooCommerce, so you can easily add functionality to your blog.

Astra also has a variety of layout options, including a flexible blog layout that can be customized to your liking. Whether you want to display your blog posts in a grid or list format, Astra has you covered. 

Overall, Astra is an excellent choice for bloggers looking for a reliable and customizable theme for their blog website templates.

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7. Jannah

6. Jannah AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Jannah, just as the name suggests, this is a heaven for users looking for Google AdSense optimized WordPress themes. It is best suited for blogging and magazines. Jannah is a fully responsive WordPress theme with tons of creative features and options. There are 20+ demo themes to choose from. Along with that, it offers a built in page builder to edit and customize your website like your pizza toppings. 

Jannah comes with dedicated spaces for ads. These ad spaces have been strategically fixed to get the maximum results for you. Along with that, this theme has full responsive ad spaces. Your ad will be retina ready for your audience irrespective of the device being used.

Jannah with its creatively displayed contents and advertisements is gaining popularity day by day. Setting up AdSense on jannah is very easy. Just copy the code, Jannah will take care of the rest. Plus, it gets an advantage for its fast loading time on mobile devices.

Jannah is currently priced at $59*. It has a handsome 9,600+ sales and 5 star rating by its users. If you are interested in a trendy, creative and effective website for your blog, Jannah is a match made in heaven for you.

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8. JNews

7. JNews AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

JNews is well fitted for magazine and newspaper websites.It supports not only Google AdSense but also other tools to monetize the website. JNews comes with creative layouts, demos and features. These templates will be an advantage for you if you are planning on a tech, sports or travel focused website.

The recent updated version of JNews put emphasis on embedding video contents in the website. So if you are into vlogging, this can be a really useful theme for you. 

JNews makes the integration of AdSense really easy. With the integration of AdSense Ad Manager, advertising through JNews is simpler than ever. Along with that, JNews is compatible with WooCommerce. You can easily integrate paid downloads with your website very easily. 

Currently, the price of JNews is $59*. The theme has a reasonable amount of sales as well. With 7,100+ sales and 5 star rating, JNews’s style and creative interface can be a good reason to pick this theme for your website. 

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9. CheerUp

8. Cheerup AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

CheerUp is a fully responsive WordPress theme with Google AdSense optimization. The theme comes with 1000+ creative layouts to choose from. From the available demos, pick the demo you like most and get started with your news, magazine or blog website. CheerUp also has many variations in header-footer design, fonts and overall creative interface built in. You can use the builtin WPBakery page builder to design and create the website you like. If your niche is about food focused blogs, CheerUp will literally cheer you up.

CheerUp comes with fully responsive AdSense compatibility. You can easily integrate your website with Google AdSense and start monetizing your website. Managing and displaying ads are made totally easy in CheerUp. You can use the different widgets and layout to display your advertisement through CheerUp. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, expanding your scope of monetizing your website. Plus, the theme ensures speedy loading time across different devices and browsers alike. 

CheerUp is a good deal with its reasonable pricing of $59*. It has 7,500+ sales as of now and a rating of 5 on 5. The customer feedback focused on the look and feel of the website and a thumbs up for customer support. 

Get CheerUp

10. Jevelin

9. Jevelin AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Jevelin is a premium WordPress theme with Google AdSense compatibility. The theme is a perfect match for portfolios, resumes, and showcasing creative work. Along with that, it is also super friendly for blog and magazine focused websites.

You can get started with your website by importing from the built in demos. Or you can have a customized website by using the built in easy page builder tools. 

It has an upbeat, creative outlook. This makes it suitable for a variety of uses. Integrating Google AdSense is also quite easy in Juvelin. You can easily use the built in customizable widgets as per your preference. Jevelin is fully responsive across all devices.

The advertisements placed in Jevelin are mobile ready. On top of that, you can simply integrate WooCommerce with your website and easily start selling from it. Jevelin also has good quality customer support for its users.

Currently Jevelin is priced at $59* and has 10,500+ sales as of now. It has a 4.6 customer rating. The review of the customers are focused on design quality, customizability and customer support. If you are looking for an upbeat theme with Google AdSense optimization, Jevelin is a right choice for you.

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11. The Voux 

10. The Voux AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

The Voux is a fully responsive, lightweight and stylish WordPress theme with Google AdSense optimization. The theme is developed by WordPress VIP Silver agency partner, ensuring the standard of the theme.

It is suitable for magazine and blog themes but the built in layouts and demos offers a wide variety of options to choose from. It is famous for a feminine touch in its design and interface. 

With the array of widgets you can use, The Voux comes with a multifaceted option of monetization. Its video monetization and shoppable image features are unique and up-to-date. By integrating WooCommerce with your website, you can also provide an easy and eye-catching catchy user experience. The Voux is famous for its total adaptability to devices.

It is completely mobile friendly and has adaptive image features. This adaptive image feature changes the image as per the device. In addition, The Voux has gained quite popularity for its fast loading time. 

The Voux is currently priced at $59* and has a sale of 7,797+. With a 4.5 star rating, The Voux is growing in popularity as a Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme.

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12. Sahifa

11. Sahifa AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Sahifa is a responsive WordPress theme suitable for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Currently, it is trending as a best seller in the blog category on ThemeForest. Sahifa is made with a simplistic and creative interface, making it an easy to navigate website theme.

It comes with diversified built in demos. You can import these demos and have your website ready in a matter of moments. And if you like creative freedom, you can customize your website with the built in page builder.

Integrating the theme with Google AdSense is hassle free. Showing and managing advertisements is also made easy in Sahifa. It has fully responsive Google AdSense too. As there are visitors from all sorts of devices, mobile readiness is a must for any website.

Sahifa can be easily integrated with WooCommerce, giving it another option to leverage the overall quality of the website. With the varieties of slider, you can design your website in dynamic ways and place your advertisements too. 

With an impressive 27,800+ sales and a 4.72 star rating, Sahifa can be deemed as a prominent theme for Google AdSense compatibility. The synopsis of the customer review is all about design quality and customizability. If you are looking for artistic, buzzing and trendy themes for your website, you can give Sahifa a try. 

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13. Truemag

12. Truemag AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Truemag is a premium WordPress theme especially designed for vlogs, video portfolios, and magazines. The fully responsive WordPress theme is popular for its retina readiness with video blogs and video portfolios. The theme interface is creatively designed and ensures a quality user experience (UX).

Trumag is a perfect choice for websites with tons of video content, embedded video and video widgets. The theme offers an array of options to design your website focusing only on videos. 

Trumag also comes with great features to integrate AdSense. You can easily put in the short code and integrate Google AdSense easily with your website. It has a responsive AdSense banner built in. The responsiveness makes the ad perfectly suited for the required resolution and device.

It comes with 6 predefined Ad spaces where you can put your banner ads. Along with that, Trumag gives you the freedom to use shortcodes to use the area of your choice to do the advertising. 

Currently, Trumag is priced at $49* and has a good 5,800+ sales. The rating of Trumag is 4.6 and the review of the customers mostly focused on the areas of feature availability, code quality and flexibility of the website. If you are planning to work on a video focused website, Trumag can be an amazing choice for you. 

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14. REhub

13. REhub AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

REhub is a hybrid responsive website. It is designed to function as a multipurpose website. This website can be used by combining all the available features or each feature can be focused individually too.

REhub is built to be useful for social community, directory, coupon, custom search filters, review, product comparison, multi vendor shop, magazine and many more. You can import from the built in demos and get started without any hassle.

Plus, you have the option to design your website based on your preference. The built in page builders will make it super easy for you. 

REhub is properly optimized for Google AdSense. You can easily integrate the website with Google AdSense and get started. The theme is fully responsive. It ensures the advertisements are displayed as full retina ready to its audience.

Due to the hybrid dynamic nature of the website, there are many opportunities to utilize through AdSense. 

Due to versatile dynamic nature, REhub is ranked with a 5 star rating and has a user base of 21.6k+. This premium WordPress theme is priced at $59* only. The review of the customers focused on design quality, flexibility and customer support of REhub 

Get REhub

15. Directory

14. Directory AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Just like the name suggests, Directory is a premium WordPress theme focused on listings. This fully responsive WordPress theme is best suited if you are planning to develop an online directory, map, listing, reviews, etc. The theme specializes in maintaining a clean & simple interface while meeting to necessary requirements of a full on directory. 

The premium WordPress theme is totally AdSense optimized. The set up process of the Google AdSense is fairly easy.

Once integrated, you can easily put forth your advertisement through Google AdSense. If you are planning to develop a directory or a similar website, this theme will be a perfect match for you. 

The premium WordPress theme has 5k+ sales with a rating of 4.2. Customer’s review for the theme focused on customizability and customer support of the WordPress theme. 

Get Directory

16. VideoRev

15. VideoRev AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

VideoRev is a premium WordPress theme totally suitable for video based websites. The responsive and creative layout of the theme makes it a buzzing website for video contents. You can upload single video, maintain video series, trailer for premium content, automatic import from YouTube plus it has WooCommerce compatibility. All in all, VideoRev is a good choice for video focused websites. 

VideoRev is compatible with Google AdSense. Integration process with Google AdSense can be done in a few simple steps. You can put pre roll video ads with Google AdSense easily. If you are looking for a video focused theme with AdSense optimization, VideoRev can be your pick. You can use the built in demo version of the theme to get started quickly. Plus, the theme comes with an elementor page builder that can help you customize the website as per your wish.

VideoRev is currently priced at $59* with a 5 star rating. With 1,200+ sales, it is getting popular among video creators, bloggers, and many more. The customer review on the theme emphasizes the design quality and feature availability of the theme. 

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17. MagPlus

16. MagPlus AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

MagPlus is a top choice for blog and magazine websites with Google AdSense optimization. It is fully responsive and retina ready for any device.

MagPlus is one of the top selling themes in Envato. With its pre-build demo with creative design and solid user experience, MagPlus is growing in popularity as an AdSense optimized theme for magazines and blogs.

This theme comes with various built in demos to pick from and also you can custommade your website, thanks to the elementor page builder. 

You can easily set up AdSense with MagPlus and get started with showing advertisements on your website. Through the integration of AdSense, displaying and managing ads is very simple and easy. By adding the short code in the theme, you can set up AdSense and let the theme take care of the rest.

In addition, MagPlus has WooCommerce integration enabled. Making it more convenient for websites to integrate more options to make money from the website. 

This top selling premium WordPress theme is currently priced at $59* with a sales of 3,200+. It has a resounding 5 star rating with customer review pointing towards design quality and customer support. If you are looking for a creative and easy UX based website with AdSense optimization, you can put your trust on MagPlus.

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18. Malina

17. Malina AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

If you are looking for a personal blog and also aiming to earn money from it, Malina can be the right one for you. Malina is a fully responsive premium WordPress theme specially designed for personal blogging. It comes with various design layouts and demos to pick from.

If you like any of the demos, you can easily get started with your new blog. It also has the Elementor page builder with it, so it is super easy to customize your website as per your preference. 

The Google AdSense setup is fairly easy with Malina. It also makes the process of giving and managing advertisements very simple.

With the built in customizable widgets, placing ads inside the website gets easy. Along with that, Malina comes with WooCommerce compatibility. If you are looking for more ways to monetize your website, Malina offers these options too. 

Malina is currently priced at $34* and has a sales of 3,771+. With a resounding 5 on 5 rating, Malina is a good deal as a lower priced theme with good quality features. If you are looking for a blog theme on budget with Google AdSense optimization, go with Malina.

Get Malina

19. Gillion

18. Gillion AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Gillion is a multiconcept theme focused on blogs, magazines and shops. It comes with creative and well designed built in demos to choose from.

Plus, with the help of WPBakery you can easily customize and design your website. The theme is retina ready and fully responsive for any device. 

Gillion is well known for its powerful Google AdSense optimization. The integration process of the theme with Google AdSense is also very simple and easy. You can set up the integration and get started in no time. Not only Google AdSense, but also through WooCommerce you can monetize your website easily. Overall, Gillion is a good deal for creative blogs with various ways to earn good money. 

Gillion is currently priced at $55* and has 3,300+ sales. With a rating of 4.6 Gillion is gradually getting popular. The customer reviews of Gillion emphasized on customizability, design quality and feature availability. If you are really into stylish blog designs with AdSense optimization, Gillion is a good pick for you. 

Get Gillion

20. Herald

19. Herald AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Herald is a pitch perfect option for newspapers and news portals focused websites. The theme is fully responsive in any type of device. Herald has uniquely designed pre-build demos to select from.

It is Gutenberg compatible, thus you can customize your website just the way you prefer. The fast loading time of this theme gives it an advantage over others.

The Herald has a very easy Google AdSense set up process. You can easily display and manage advertisements with the help of an even easier ad manager.

There are predefined ad slots that you can use to banner ads. Plus, Herald is WooCommerce compatible. Thus, adding more features to monetize your website properly. If you are planning on a news or news portal focused website with AdSense optimization, you can keep herald on the list.

Currently, Herald is priced at $69* and has sales over 3,200. With an impressive 4.86 rating out of 5, Herald is best known for its efficiency in design quality, code quality and customer support.

If you are looking for a topnotch fast website for a news website with AdSense optimization, better get hold of Herald.

Get Herald

21. The Issue

20. The Issue AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Last but not the least, The Issue is the best rated and best selling theme for magazines in Themeforest. The responsive premium WordPress theme comes with distinguished designs and demos that are a perfect match for a magazine.

This theme is developed by one of the WordPress VIP Agency partners. Along with the premade layouts, The Issue comes with Elementor page builder. This enables you to customize your website as per your requirement. 

Setting up an AdSense account with the theme is very easy. The theme comes with many strategically developed predefined banner ads.

You can easily display and manage ads through this theme. With WooCommerce compatibility, you can also monetize your website with many more options apart from AdSense. The issue is one of the emerging themes that is specializing in magazine focused websites.

The theme is currently priced at $59* with 2,400+ sales. With an impressive 4.96 rating The Issue is emerging as one of the prominent themes with Google AdSense optimization. 

Get The Issue →

These are the most topnotch Google AdSense optimized WordPress themes that can come in handy to your plans. We have included a mix and blend of themes with distinctive features with Google AdSense optimization in common. Cross match your expectations with the features of these themes to find the most suitable theme for you. 

If you are planning on creating your website, this step by step guide on how to make a WordPress website will help you. 

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