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Bluehost WordPress Hosting Honest Review

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Honest Review

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers. It is one of the best WP Engine alternatives with more affordable pricing options. They have been operating in the market since 1996 and has grown to be one of the popular brands with time. Currently, they are WordPress authorized hosting service provider. This puts them in a completely different picture. Being one of the best WordPress hosting providers, Bluehost has updated its offering with time. Currently, they are offering more than hosting services to users. You can also register domains and more with this platform. However, in this article, we will focus mostly on Bluehost’s hosting service and how they are adding value and grow as a service provider. Along with that, we will list down the pros and cons of Bluehost. We have taken into account many Bluehost WordPress hosting review to create the basic ground of the write-up. From the overall analysis of this Bluehost WordPress hosting review, you can get a clear idea about whether Bluehost is a good pick for you or not. Let’s get into the detailed breakdown of the Bluehost WordPress hosting review and reach the core of one of the best WordPress hosting providers

In this Bluehost WordPress hosting honest review, we will try to focus on these key areas to create a comprehensive idea about the overall condition of Bluehost. We will answer the following questions throughout the report.

  • What are the features of Bluehost WordPress hosting?
  • How is the performance of BlueHost hosting?
  • How is the customer support of Bluehost?
  • What are the pricing details of Bluehost WordPress hosting?
  • What is Bluehost WordPress pro review?
  • How is Bluehost reviews Reddit? 
  • What are the Bluehost reviews complaints?

Throughout the write-up, we will address the answers to these questions. Let’s get into the details and do a Bluehost WordPress hosting honest review. 

What are the Features of Bluehost WordPress Hosting?

From analyzing the Bluehost WordPress hosting review, we will shed light on the key features that are offered by them. 

Shared Hosting of Bluehost

Bluehost is very well known for their shared hosting service. If you are planning to get a website with low traffic volume, you can take this offer from Bluehost. From the Bluehost WordPress hosting review, we can see a positive response to shared hosting. From the many Bluehost shared hosting review, we get the idea that it is affordable and has the necessary features to get you started. However, just as the name suggests, you will have to share server resources with others who are also taking shared hosting from Bluehost. 

Cloud Hosting  

The cloud hosting of Bluehost is an upgrade to the shared hosting plan. From the many Bluehost WordPress hosting review, we can summarize that this feature is more up to date than the shared hosting of Bluehost. With this feature, when there is high traffic or failure in the hardware, the website will automatically switch to a different server. Along with that, cloud hosting has many perks that contribute to the overall speed of your website. 

WordPress Hosting

Bluehost has its WordPress hosting service as well. This can be the right choice if you are determined to create websites based on WordPress. From the Bluehost reviews on Reddit, we can get a clear idea that WordPress users find this specific feature of Bluehost very friendly. It enables them to create a better experience. 

WooCommerce Hosting 

WooCommerce is one of the useful eCommerce plugins available on the WordPress platform. It gives you features to take the online shopping experience to a different level. Bluehost has a separate WooCommerce hosting feature. It will give you the flexibility to launch an online store. If you are looking for a specific hosting that is exclusively designed for WordPress WooCommerce then this is the right feature for you. From the many Bluehost WordPress hosting review and Bluehost reviews on Reddit, we can summarize that it offers the necessary features accordingly. 

VPS Hosting of Bluehost

Bluehost also comes with VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. It can be considered as an upgrade of the shared WordPress hosting. From the Bluehost shared WordPress hosting review, it is found that the VPS hosting will allow hosting websites in a virtual dedicated resource in a shared environment. 

Dedicated Server Hosting

Bluehost’s dedicated server hosting allows you a dedicated server for your website. The resources will not be shared, and it is completely your own. The drawback of this dedicated hosting is that you will have to take care of the management by yourself. 

These are the overall features that are offered by Bluehost. In the following, let’s have a look at the performance of Bluehost. 

How is the Performance of BlueHost Hosting?

In the following, we will be noting down the performance elements of Bluehost. It will give you a clear idea about the overall performance of this hosting service provider. 

Bluehost Speed Test

The speed and loading time of a website is essential. Studies suggest 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. From the stat, we can get the importance of having a speedy website. In general, Bluehost servers offers faster loading time for websites that are hosted by Bluehost. However, the hosting alone is not responsible for the speed of the website. The contents of the website also play a significant role in this. Overall, from the Bluehost WordPress hosting reviews we can understand that usually, they provide good speed for websites hosted by them. 

Bluehost Server Response Time 

From the different Bluehost WordPress hosting review, we can get the idea that usually, the server response time for websites under Bluehost is also quite healthy. If you use Bluehost, you can get a good server response time. However, few of the elements of this performance indicator rely on the website design and contents as well. However, from Bluehost’s side, they usually provide the necessary speed required for a healthy website.  

These are the overall performance indicator of Bluehost. These indicate that with Bluehost, you can have a speedy website ready in no time. 

How is the Customer Support of Bluehost?

It is always recommended to take service from providers with healthy support. Or else you will remain stuck when prompt response and action is required. From the different Bluehost WordPress hosting review, it is eminent that Bluehost has very strong and prompt customer support. Bluehost has a very good resource and a pool of contents to guide you through different steps. Along with that, Bluehost has live chat support. They respond to your queries immediately and give speedy support until your problem is solved. Along with that, you can have a direct phone conversation with the support team whenever you need it. This is a very strong offering for individuals looking for real-time guidance from their hosting provider. However, if you prefer a ticket-based support system, then Bluehost has not much to meet your need because Bluehost has recently closed the ticketing system customer support and moved towards live chat and telephone-based customer support

What are the Pricing Details of Bluehost WordPress Hosting?

Bluehost offers a different range of packages to meet the diverse needs of individuals and organizations. Each of the plans is different from one another and adds value to the targeted market. With these packages, you can get started with your website if you are an independent blogger or a complete full-throttle corporate organization. The plans and packages are very versatile in nature. In the following, we are showing the current plans that are offered by Bluehost and the related details of the plans. 

Bluehost pricing plan

From the plan, you can see that Bluehost is offering shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting services. You can have a look at the details here and pick the package that suits most of your needs.  

What is Bluehost WordPress Pro Review?

Bluehost has recently launched its WordPress Pro plan for WordPress users only. The Bluehost WordPress pro contains some additional features than the regular one. From the Bluehost WordPress hosting reviews, we will note down the key features in the following. 

Speed and Performance-optimized

The reviews of Bluehost WordPress pro have additional features that make the service optimized for speed and performance. You can have a better performing website with the help of Bluehost WordPress pro. Along with that, this will give leverage to your website’s speed as well. So using the Bluehost WordPress pro will give your website the ability to perform better and be optimized with necessary features. 

Marketing Tools

The Bluehost WordPress will allow you to integrate essential marketing tools such as SEO, social media, and email marketing. With the advanced dashboard, you can manage the entire tools from one place. You will manage social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO from one platform with ease. The pro feature also includes a better understanding of your website’s SEO and will guide you to have better performance on SEO as well. 

Detailed Analytics 

Analytics is the cornerstone of decision making. With the Bluehost WordPress Pro, you will have detailed analytics regarding your website’s performance. With the detailed analytics and insights from the website, you can create decisions that will foster change and improve your website’s overall performance. This will benefit you to have better performance if you can tweak your decision based on your insights. 

From the Bluehost WordPress hosting review, we can summarize that the Bluehost WordPress Pro surely adds value to the service you are currently getting. So if you are using WordPress, you can give WordPress pro a try. 

How is Bluehost Reviews Reddit?  

If we look at the Bluehost reviews on Reddit we can see how different users talked about different issues of Bluehost. In the following, we will narrow down the key points of discussion.

Suitable for WordPress

One of the key highlights from the Bluehost reviews Reddit is the user-friendliness of the hosting provider with WordPress. As WordPress has listed Bluehost as their official provider, thus Bluehost is compatible with WordPress even more. According to the Bluehost reviews Reddit, Bluehost is more suitable for individuals who prefer using WordPress because Bluehost makes the use of WordPress easier. 

Beginner Friendly

The overall interface and navigation of Bluehost are beginner-friendly. Many Bluehost reviews Reddit has focused on this issue that if you are a beginner trying to set your website with Bluehost, you will have an easier experience compared to using other hosting providers. This is an added advantage of individuals looking for website hosting providers. 


Bluehost gives away many freebies. To begin with, you can consider the Bluehost SSL certificate as an example. These freebies that are provided by Bluehost makes it interesting to many users. The freebies provided by Bluehost are not provided by many service providers, which gives an added advantage to Bluehost too. 

Bluehost Reviews Complaints

By analyzing many Bluehost reviews complaints, we have finalized the following major issues that need immediate attention from the service provider. 

Upselling Tendency

Many users complained that Bluehost has a continuous upselling tendency. This feature of Bluehost rubs many people in the wrong way. As a result, users feel annoyed when too many upselling is applied.  

Only US Servers

Bluehost has only US-based servers so this is deemed as a drawback to many individuals. If you are operating from a place distant from the US, then the loading time of your website might be longer as the server of Bluehost is only based in the US. If this can be improved, then Bluehost can provide better support worldwide.

Technical Glitches

Every technological service provider often faces issues with technical glitches and so does Bluehost. However, Bluehost needs to upgrade its features and ensure there are fewer technical glitches. 

According to the summary of Bluehost reviews complaints, these are the issues that need to be taken care of. 

From the overall analysis of this review, we can get an understanding of Bluehost. 


To summarize, we can say that Bluehost is a suitable hosting provider if you want to build your website based on WordPress. Along with that, the focus of the hosting provider on performance and speed is also an advantage for the hosting provider. Plus, Bluehost has the necessary support to help you through the process. Thus, we do recommend the use of Bluehost as a hosting provider. 

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