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Filix Review – Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Filix Review Feature

Filix is a creatively crafted minimal WordPress theme best suitable for individuals and agencies. If you are a freelancer, photographer or independent contractor, Filix can be a good pick for you. On the other hand if you are running a creative agency, you can use Filix to focus on your portfolio and creative illustration.

In this article we will illustrate how Filix is a good pick for you if you are looking for a minimal theme for freelancers and agencies. Do not leave the site as we go on to answer the following questions.

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Questions we will answer

  • Who are the users of Filix?
  • What page builder Filix comes with?
  • Is Filix as cool in mobile as in desktop?
  • How are the premade demos of Filix?
  • What’s so special about Filix?

At the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive idea about Filix, its dynamic features, its pros and cons. That will help you to make a decision whether Filix can be pick or no pick.

Who are the Users of Filix?

The users of Filix can be individual and organization alike. If you are a freelancer, photographer, artist, designer you can use this minimalistic theme to showcase your work. This theme can function as a portfolio of you. You can creatively display the different work you have done easily with the help of this theme. In addition, if you are running an agency or creative studio, this theme will come handy to you. You can also display the work you have done with this minimal portfolio theme.

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What Page Builder Filix Comes with?

Page builders are the tool that you can use to customize any WordPress theme. With this minimal portfolio WordPress theme, the Elementor page builder comes built in. Elementor page builder is one of the latest page builders. With the help of this page builder you can easily customize the theme as per your requirement. Elementor comes with drag and drop options. You can navigate through the website and customize it easily. And the best part is you can do all these without having any technical knowledge at all.

elementor page builder Filix

Is Filix as Cool in Mobile as in Desktop?

Filix is complete retina ready. By retina ready it means it looks and feel the same irrespective of the device being used. The user will have the same experience whether they access Filix from mobile or desktop. This responsive feature is very important in any theme because the majority of the traffic in any website comes from mobile. As a result it is important to have a responsive theme on your website. It will increase the traffic of your website. Responsiveness of the theme is also very important to ensure quality user experience. Filix is well known for its keen focus on ensuring quality and smooth user experience.

How are the Premade Demos of Filix?

Filix comes with 5 built in page demos. Among these demos 2 are creatively made for portfolios. These demos are different and unique from one another and have very clean and sophisticated designs. The creativity, uniqueness and modern designs will make your website upbeat and sharp at the same time. The minimalist focus of this theme makes it a good pick if you prefer minimal designs. The user experience of these demos are also very smooth and easy to navigate.

Filix self hosted video Demo

What’s so special about Filix?

Filix has the following features that can make you consider purchasing the theme for your website. In the following we will highlight on the specific features of the theme that makes it unique and stand out from the rest.

Filix slideshow demo

User Experience

Filix gets an advantage due to its user experience. The solid design and creative interface makes Filix one of the themes with easy to navigate user experience. Due to the design, overall interaction and ease of visitor journey many of the users will find Filix to have friendly user experience. You can pick this theme if you are looking for a minimal WordPress theme with good user experience. Filix will not dissatisfy you when it comes to user experience.

Creative Designs

If you look at the pre-made demos of the theme you will see that all of the demos have unique and creative designs. These designs are sharp, clean and modern. You can easily create a website using the built in demos only. These creative designs make the theme standout from others. Imagine you are implementing Filix on to create your portfolio website. This theme will definitely give a different touch to your website making it unique from others.

Easy Customization

Another good thing about Filix is the easy customization of the theme. With the help of the one click demo import you can import the demos within seconds. You can customize these demos as per your preference. With the help of the built in Elementor page builder, you can drag-n-drop elements within the page builder and give your website the look you crave for. If you do not have any coding knowledge, you still can customize this theme with the built in page builders. It is that simple.


Filix is also well known for its speed. Instead of being very attractive in terms of design. The theme is fast enough due to the minimalistic design approach. If you want your website to load fast, you can pick this theme and get started with your own website. If you are looking for a fast and creative WordPress theme, Filix can save your day.

SEO Friendly

This theme comes with the necessary features you need to have to ensure your website is SEO friendly. The theme is designed in a way to ensure it is easy for the content to get ranked on Google properly. If you can create good quality content, with the help of this theme you can easily perform well when it comes to search engine optimization.

filix youtube demo

These are the main features that can be considered as the characteristics to consider getting yourself Filix. In conclusion we can summarize, if you are looking for a creative, minimal and user-friendly portfolio WordPress theme, Filix is the right choice for you.

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