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How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post Easily

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Many times our readers ask us this question on how to duplicate a WordPress page or post easily? There are various necessities of duplicating a page or post. For example, you have published a page with contents regarding an ongoing sale on your website, and you are planning to do another one real soon. If you can duplicate the page, it will reduce a lot of hassle. You can either duplicate or manually redo the entire page from scratch. This will require more work to do in the long run. Thus, it is better to create a duplicate version of a page or post and do the work on that. With that note, we will showcase the easiest way to duplicate a WordPress page or post.

Before we get into the details, we would like to discuss why it is needed to duplicate a post or page in the first place. In the following, we will jot down the reasons for duplicating WordPress pages or posts.

  • Creating similar pages: Often, duplication is needed to create similar pages on a WordPress website. If a page is duplicated, then it saves a lot of time. You will not have to make the page again from scratch. You can use the existing page and modify it accordingly. As any website page comes with additional technical elements such as tags, page settings, SEO settings and so on, thus it is more feasible to duplicate a page instead of doing it from zero.
  • Creating similar blogs: When you are creating a look-alike blog for your website, duplication can be a great time saver. If you repurpose contents from your blogs, then duplicating blog posts helps a lot to get it done very quickly and easily.

These are the two major reasons for which duplicating a WordPress page is essential. In the following, we will shed light on how you can easily duplicate WordPress pages on your website.

Duplicate WordPress Page or Post

To duplicate a WordPress page or post, in this article, we will suggest using the Duplicate Post plugin. This plugin is designed to ease the process of duplicating a WordPress page or post. This free plugin comes with all the necessary features that you can use to duplicate the page or post of your WordPress website. Before you get into the action, the very first step is to download and activate the Duplicate Post plugin in your website if you need any assistance to know how to download plugins in your WordPress website you can check out this step by step guide.

Once you have activated the plugin, do the following:

  • Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • From the right-hand side menu, click on “Posts > All Posts. “
  • After clicking on the All Posts button, it will take you to a new page that will look like the following:

In this page, all the posts that you have published from your WordPress website are listed. After the plugin is successfully activated, you will see that the posts include two new features with it. The two new features are ‘Clone’ and ‘New Draft’. These two features are available because of the plugin you have installed. In the following, we will discuss the use and purpose of these two options.

Clone feature: If you want to create a clone version of your post, you can click on this option. This option will create a duplicate of your post, and the post will not immediately open in the post editor. It will remain in the admin panel for you to see. So, if you want to create a clone version of your existing post click on this option and you will have a duplicate post ready. 

New Draft feature: This New Draft feature is to get you started with your blog immediately. Once you click on the new draft, it will create a duplicate version of the post and also open the post in the post editor. Once it is opened in the post editor, you can get started with editing the post immediately.

These similar two features will be available for pages too. You can create an exact duplicate version of any page with the clone option and keep it for later use. Or start working on your page right away with the new draft feature. 

This plugin is the best match if you are looking forward to a plugin to duplicate your post or page only. It can serve your purpose well with the feature that comes with this plugin. You can customize the different settings of this plugin to have a more customized experience.

How to Customize Duplicate Post Plugin Settings?

This free plugin for duplicating WordPress posts comes with many settings to make it easier for you to benefit from it. By default, this plugin supports all the posts and pages that are within your WordPress website. Along with that, you can customize the plugin to get support in custom post types as well. Besides, you can also put conditions in different user roles and set limitations regarding what contents should be copied. At the same time, a duplicate version of a page or post is being created. To navigate through the settings, click on the ‘Settings‘ option from the menu in your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Duplicate Post‘. It will take you to the following page where you can navigate this free plugin for duplicating WordPress sites.


From the above illustration, you can see that the settings tab is separated into three different accounts.

  • What to copy
  • Permissions
  • Display

What to Copy

From the ‘what to copy‘ segment, you can select what should be copied and what not while you are duplicating a specific page and post. The default option is applicable in every website, but it allows you a room to bring necessary modification as well. You can select what should be copied to the same version and what should not.


Duplicate Post Permission

The ‘Permission‘ tab is about permitting individuals who can duplicate a page or post on your website. In the default settings of the plugin, the administrator and the editor can duplicate pages and posts. You can select who is allowed to duplicate the post and pages. You can give permissions to the user from this tab. You can also set limitations in terms of duplicating.

For example, an author of blogs does not need permission to duplicate pages. There you can limit the permission to duplicating blogs only and so on. These are the ways you can limit and give permission to individual page roles.


Duplicate Post Display

The last tab in the settings option is the ‘Display‘ tab. From this tab, you can choose where the clone links should be displayed. The default settings of the plugin ensure the clone post is visible on the post list, edit screen and admin bar. However, you have the full freedom to customize these options as per your preference.

These are the ways you can make the most of this plugin to duplicate your page and post on a WordPress website. This page duplication plugin is entirely free, and it has over 3+ million active installations, making it a go-to plugin for duplicating posts. The plugin has a satisfactory 5-star rating to prove the efficiency of this tool. If we look at the Duplicate Post plugin review, we can see that many of the users complained about the ads of the creators that are shown with the plugin. On the other hand, many of the users complimented the ease of use and simplicity of the plugin as well. So from the Duplicate Post plugin review, we can see there are opinions in favour and disfavour of the plugin as well. However, considering the overall benefit and value the plugin brings for free, it can be easily picked for duplicating WordPress pages or posts.

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