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Become the Next Big Instagram Sensation With These Best Instagram Marketing Tools

Best Instagram Marketing Tools

Apps like Instagram started off as your everyday social media image-sharing platform, but quickly blossomed into one of the most popular revenue-generating marketing hubs ever. Although this is not its intended purpose, Instagram is playing a major role as a global marketing and branding hub in this day and age.

As people started to flock to Instagram for its youth-friendly platform and image-sharing feed system. Many have discovered its potential as a self-branding platform. 

With this, many started growing and grooming themselves and others into popular influencers on the platform and before anyone should understand, Instagram has become the new gold rush for self-branding and marketing.

As potential grew for individuals on the platform Instagram took notice, and slowly but surely they started turning their platform more and more user-friendly for those who want to brand themselves. 

With a slow and steady stream of updates and feature additions, Instagram brought algorithm changes to better suit marketing purposes, an in-built store-front explorer, analytical tools, and so much more.

This clearly indicates that Instagram has fully embraced itself as a marketing and branding platform and is constantly improving itself to give its users the best experience for these purposes.

Like individuals, many global brands and industries as well are flocking to Instagram for its immense popularity and for Instagram’s marketing capabilities

best Instagram industries to follow

The most followed brand accounts on Instagram in 2022

most followed Instagram accounts

These individuals and brands have successfully incorporated the free Instagram app into one of the most searched and visited pages on the internet. 

Although Instagram has a whole host of amazing marketing utilities and tools at its disposal, sadly, if you wish to grow your brand, it’s just not going to cut it. We recommend taking the aid of several 3rd party marketing apps/tools/services specifically built and designed for Instagram marketing

Today we’ll be introducing some of the most popular tools and apps to help grow and better market your Instagram account. 

The tools and apps that we’ve selected to be showcased today will help users better understand current Instagram trends, analyze, prepare and manage feeds, and market accounts properly.  

We’ll be dividing these tools and apps into multiple categories to better explain them to you. 

So, first up, the most important of them all – 

The Must-Have Instagram Marketing Tools for Growth and Informed Marketing in 2022

To develop a foolproof marketing strategy, you will require tools that can provide you with accurate information and generate leads. Here, we have gathered a list of tools that have been tried and tested and are popular with users. 


SocialPilot - IG Tool

Our first pick is one of the most reliable social media marketing and market analysis platforms released to date. SocialPliot as a marketing and analytics platform enables users to make an informed decision on their day-to-day or long-term content planning. 

With a tool like SocialPliot, an Instagram post maker can easily automate their content management process across multiple Instagram accounts and make scheduled posts, and plan accordingly. 


  • Get new content ideas with its curation feature.
  • Schedule up to 500 posts. 
  • Lets you post directly to your accounts 
  • Built-in link shortener 
  • In-depth social media analytical features


  • Occasionally bulk scheduling fails.
  • No notification feature if anything goes wrong.
  • Conference and support systems can be improved


This tool enables you to plan your content ahead of time with proper analytical data and Instagram post scheduler features. 


Buffer - Instagram scheduling app

Buffer is another awesome content scheduling tool that lets you create Instagram automation posts with ease. With Buffer, you can schedule posts for your Instagram account well in advance, so you can create thoughtful content for your Instagram account that is consistent and appropriate to your audience. 

This works well for those who want to grow their respective audiences in an organic manner. Buffer also provides its users with accurate and informative reports on its day-to-day activities and reports on the number of interactions each post is getting. 


  • Seamless integration with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
  • Clean beginner-friendly UX. 
  • Comprehensive analytical reports.
  • Per post-engagement report.
  • Simple post-scheduling feature. 
  • Seamless post scheduling on multiple platforms and accounts 


  • Minor post-failure issue 
  • Some may find Buffer’s analytics too basic


On the surface, Buffer seems like a well-designed platform for beginners with fewer features than other such IG tools, but to its core, Buffer is a well-rounded platform that will surely benefit its users. 


Visme Instagram Post Creator

Visme means visual communication when it comes to generating content for Instagram and helping business owners to put their best foot forward. With this tool, you can add movement to your brand strategy with visual content like videos, infographics, presentations & animation in minutes. It has a free Instagram post creator which is filled with pre-designed templates. These templates make it simple to create beautiful Instagram posts with an online tool. You can fully customize the free Instagram templates to design your own unique post.

Visme software is available on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. So anyone on your team can use it. Visme’s pricing plans start at $12.25 per month.


  • A huge collection of icons, fonts, and images.
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Advanced collaboration tools for group projects
  • Easy to use for non-designers


  • Advanced features aren’t available in the free version.


Visme is an easy to use tool for making professional-looking infographics, presentations and other types of visual content. Content marketers use Visme to improve their digital marketing assets without having to rely on a professional designer, but Visme is also powerful enough for graphic designers. Visme has a great variety of templates for presentations, infographics, documents, printables, etc. Also, it has a specific set of templates designed for Instagram posts. 



Gleam is a competition app that seamlessly integrates with Instagram. It provides an easy-to-use platform for creating Instagram giveaways and contests, which can be tracked in real-time. You can monitor each user action to determine how successful your campaign is. With Gleam, you can import comments and use filters to select winning comments. This platform can improve your Instagram giveaways and contests over time and continue to grow your audience. 


  • The design is fantastic.
  • Customization is straightforward.
  • It’s effortless to connect social media channels.


  • For some channels, users have to perform tasks manually.


Gleam is an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve engagement and grow their audience on social media.

Instagram Chatbot Builder by SendPulse

Instagram chatbot builder by SendPulse

SenPulse is essentially a marketing automation platform with several channels under its belt with Instagram DMs automation among many others. 

The platform offers a straightforward Instagram chatbot builder to help businesses turn their Instagram account into a sales representative that stays available to customers 24/7.  

Leave FAQs to your Instagram chatbot along with lead generation or even integrate a payment system to receive secure payments for your products. SendPulse’s Instagram chatbot integrates seamlessly with their CRM for better customer data management. 


  • intuitive Instagram chatbot builder + ChatGPT integration
  • mobile application that helps manage chatbots on the go 
  • payment system integration options 
  • CRM system 
  • Instagram chatbot can react to subscribers’ stories that mention your brand 


  • ChatGPT integration is paid separately 
  • only 10.000 messages per month on a free plan 
  • no live chat feature on the free plan 



BuySocialMediaMarketing is a reputable platform offering social media marketing services. It accepts credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies like BTC, Ether, and more.

Users can fund their account balance, earning a 5% bonus for top-ups of $100 or more and 2-3% cashback on orders.

The platform has served 80,000+ clients, handling 500K+ orders since 2014. It guarantees instant delivery and visible results, rated 4.9/5 by 2300+ satisfied customers. Customer support is available 24/7, ensuring prompt assistance.


  • Diverse Payment Options: Credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies are accepted.
  • Instant Delivery & Guaranteed Results: Quick service with visible outcomes.
  • Rewarding Loyalty System: Cashback and bonuses for loyal customers.


  • Limited Free Trials: Only one type of free trial is allowed.
  • Limited Targeting options: Likes, fans, and followers are provided from all over the world, without the option to target a specific country or region.


BuySocialMediaMarketing is a reliable and customer-centric platform, that provides prompt and effective social media marketing services. With various payment options and a rewarding loyalty system, it’s an attractive choice for boosting your online presence.

While free trial options and post selection are limited, the platform’s overall performance and customer satisfaction make it commendable for social media marketing needs.


Iconosqaure - Instagram management

Iconosquare is another awesome Instagram post scheduler tool that has gained massive popularity over the years for its robust feature set and out-of-the-box social media marketing solutions. 

With this Instagram feed planner tool, you can not only plan your Instagram marketing strategy well ahead of time but you can do so with excellent planning against your main competitor’s current marketing strategy by using Iconosquare’s in-built monitoring tools. 

This gives you amazing insight and helps you plan and change strategies accordingly on the fly. By analyzing trends and keeping a constant flow of content, this tool can do wonders for your marketing campaign.


  • Iconosquare can monitor and analyze your competitors’ profiles.
  • Seamless integration with multiple social media platforms.
  • Markdown comments and get to them at a later date.
  • Excellent scheduling and post-management. 
  • Create collaboration efforts with clients on the fly. 
  • Feed preview.
  • IG stories and carousel scheduling. 


  • Limited social media platform integration. 
  • The free plan has been removed and a 14-day trial is now offered.


A truly feature-rich Instagram management platform that is suitable for various scenarios and use cases. 


Later - Instagram feed planner

This is easily one of the best Instagram tools available in terms of its amazing aesthetics. Later comes with an amazing drag-and-drop visual content planner screen that lets you create stunning Instagram feeds with minimum effort.

Later also comes with an intuitive preview section that lets you view you’re fed with planned content ahead of time with the same view that your audience will get. This is particularly a great addition when you’re planning your content ahead of time, based on the accurate interaction stats that Later provides.


  • Excellent analytical dashboard.
  • Hashtag analysis.
  • Intuitive feed preview screen.
  • Easy post and story scheduling.
  • Market analytical data based on your content.
  • Chrome extension.


  • A limited number of platforms can be connected.


Later has truly become a fan favorite for its amazing modern layout and user-friendly functionality. Later is best suited for small- to medium-sized businesses.


Blog2Social - IG management tool

Blog2Social is an awesome social marketing solution if you’re looking for a convenient marketing solution that works really well with WordPress. As a WordPress plugin, Blog2Social lets you get started in no time, by just installing the plugin.

Blog2Social offers its users the convenience to work from one single platform and monitor all his/her social platforms. With its intuitive data tracking and management features, Blog2Social is possibly the best option for WordPress users on the go.

From creating unique posts for each social media platform to maintaining a vigilant social media report, Blog2Social’s Instagram management platform has it all.


  • Connect WordPress to multiple social media platforms.
  • Automated posting.
  • Instagram post scheduling.
  • Create unique posts straight from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Gather reports on your social media activities.
  • Preview and customize messages.


  • The URL is always placed at the end of the message
  • Does not allow you to check reports on your old blog posts.
  • Steep learning curve.


Blog2Share is an amazing platform for all WordPress users, letting them take control of their social media marketing and outreach work from their Facebook Dashboard. This is particularly great for people with limited requirements, but who still like to have a wide array of features at their disposal.


Awario - Instagram Marketing Tool

Awario is an industry-leading lead generation and social media campaign management tool that is specifically built for the role of a lead generator. Awario’s intuitive system helps market planners get connected with industry-leading social media influencers, who can help promote their branding and boost sales.

Awario does miracles for small-to-medium businesses with their social media marketing endeavors. With powerful features such as keyword-based market research and lead generation, Awario can surely benefit a lot of marketing campaigns.


  • Focused keyword tracking.
  • Personalized reports.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Influencer report.
  • Can track unlinked brand mentions across various websites.
  • Clean UI/UX.


  •  Limited to 100k mentions per month.
  •  Strong learning curve.
  •  Passively monitors for brand mentions.


Social media marketing campaigns can benefit from Awario’s elegant solution. Although it’s not without its downsides. But it has enough features and traits to keep it on our list. 


Agorapulse - Instagram Feed Planner

Agorapulse is another piece of awesome Instagram marketing software that focuses on client relationship management (CRM) and content scheduling for Instagram management. In addition to its CRM capabilities, Agorapulse is also a capable data analytics and monitoring tool.

That is great for monitoring the current best Instagram trends and culture to better boost and promote content based on the current happenings. This is a great strategy to bolster one’s brand and sales. 


  • Agorapulse can separate client data and add unique notes to each client report.
  • Clean minimal UI. 
  • Fast reporting features.
  • Add team members to ongoing campaigns for team collaboration. 
  • Organized social media publishing feature. 


  • Bit pricey starting at 79$/per month.
  • Strong learning curve.
  • Additional charge for the power report feature. 


Agorapulse is a versatile marketing campaign tool that does a great job at its primary task, and in addition to its primary task, it also does a great job at managing your client relationship management (CRM) activities with team collaboration and client report Separate features. 

But it takes a nose dive due to its steep pricing and additional charges for certain features. 


SocialInsider - Instagram Post Maker

Socialinsider is another popular and well-rounded Instagram marketing tool that has been gaining new users for its amazing feature set and makes running Instagram so much easier. With the help of industry-leading social analytics, Socialinsider helps marketing experts and digital marketers get an inside edge on the competition.

With the support for popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & Tiktok, users can easily take advantage of Socialinsider’s analytical reports to plan ahead and come up with the best marketing strategies. Additionally, for those looking to boost their presence on TikTok, considering options to buy followers can accelerate growth and enhance visibility.


  • Socialinsider provides in-depth statistical reports.
  • Work very well for digital agencies and social media marketing agencies. 
  • Consistent updates and new additional features are rolling out often. 
  • Easy to use for novice users.
  • Multi-channel measurement
  • Provides analytical data on multiple popular social media platforms. 


  • For what it offers, Socialinsider is expensive.
  • Not for small to medium businesses with little to no fan following.


Socialindisder is an incredible social media marketing tool that provides its users with in-depth reports so they can better understand their environment and industry so they can lead and operate social media campaigns more effectively.

Smartly - instagram post scheduler is an automated Instagram marketing utility that is geared toward helping brands create outstanding social media campaigns and ads for social media. Smartly can generate thousands of variations for your ad campaign to find the one that best suits your brand profile. 

With the power of this awesome Instagram management users are able to search and identify industry-leading statistical reports that will surely benefit brands and individuals alike with faster post-management and social media analysis. 


  • Generate varieties of marketing campaign ideas.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Clean user-friendly interface.
  • Predictive Budget Allocation.
  • Image and Video Templates.


  • Only capable of generating ads for certain platforms.

Verdict is another awesome Instagram marketing platform that works well with the platform with added benefits of management, ad campaigns, automation, ad generation and so much more. A must-try for most businesses. 

Hashtags for likes

Hashtags for Likes - Hashtag Generator

Although like others in our roundup Hashtags for Likes doesn’t come with an Instagram post manager or analytical tools in-built. But it sure does play an important role in social media marketing and running social media campaigns.

This awesome tool suggests relevant and trending hashtags to better suit and benefit your brand and social campaigns based on in-depth hashtag analysis. This tool tracks, measures, and curates the best hashtags that can benefit your campaigns greatly. 


  • Target your audience based on hashtag analytics.
  • Track, measure, and curate hashtags based on your requirements.
  • Organic growth. 


  • No cons were found during testing.


This is an awesome yet simple tool that works well for organic profile growth and visitor engagement boost. An amazing tool indeed to generate more organic leads and views. 


Plann - Instagram Feed Planner

Plann is an awesome social media post management tool that allows users to design, edit, schedule, and analyze posts. Instagram Stories can be rearranged, organized, cropped, and scheduled using Plann.

Plann also provides its users with the stats of best-performing hashtags that will help brands get more organic outreach and new followings. Plann also lets you add your teammates to plan your posts, stories, & reel schedulings ahead of time with advanced analytical data. 


  • Supports all the popular platforms.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Instagram story management.
  • All-in-one auto-scheduler.
  • Has its own Instagram scheduling app.


  • No cons were found during testing. 


This is a mighty IG tool that can surely benefit a lot of individuals and businesses. With its focused feature package, Plann can surely work wonders for its users, from post management to analysis. 


And these are just our top picks, based on our personal/professional user cases, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more awesome marketing tools out there, from cheap, focused tools that work well for certain niches and scenarios, to feature-rich multi-conglomerate platforms that are best suited for corporations and multinational companies with thousands of social media platforms to be handled. 

In this day and age, social media is at the top of the food chain for any form of campaign, from social messaging and communal well-being to capitalistic welfare. Everything goes through and outreaches faster on social media platforms. 

Any of these, or any other such Instagram management and analysis tool, will work just fine if you’re an average Joe looking to improve your Instagram game, But that is certainly not the case for small-to-large corporations looking to cash in on Instagram marketing and social trends. 

For small to large corporations, choosing the right tool for their brand and business needs is a must. Choosing the tool with the right features can be a campaign-boosting factor in this industry. Such tools can help brands target, evaluate, and make strategies according to their marketing requirements.

FAQs on Instagram Marketing

What are the best ways to promote my business on Instagram?

The best Instagram business promotional strategy is to stay consistent with your posts. Consistent targeted stream of content, proper selection, and use of hashtags and content that leaves an impression. 

What is the most effective marketing tool?

Why Instagram of course! By the time Instagram reaches 2024 Instagram is expecting an active user base of 1.2 billion+ unique monthly users. With already being a tech powerhouse and a thriving engaging community. Instagram is the marketing hub to be in the 21st century.

When should I post on Instagram?

Instagram’s best time to post varies by niche. Nevertheless, 6 am to 11 am on weekdays and till 2 pm on weekends are preferable.

How consistent should I be on Instagram?

Unlike other social media platforms, you should keep the content rolling at a consistent steady stream. A preferable amount is to aim for 2-3 posts per day, to keep your community of followers engaged.

How do influencers affect your marketing campaigns?

Generally, influencers are well versed with the Instagram community and how it functions. So, it is expected if you include an experienced influencer in your marketing strategy, they are likely to bring more engagement and positive outcomes. 

In the end, if you find this article and the roundup that we’ve mentioned helpful. Please consider sharing with someone that might find this helpful. And if you think we might have missed out on a good one, please feel free to mention it down below in the comment section.