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Wavee Review: The Next Go to Theme for Creative Agencies?

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Research indicates 88% of the users will not return to your website if they face a bad user experience. So it is immensely important to develop and design a website that ensures a smooth and friendly customer experience, right?

Today we will discuss the pros and cons of a WordPress theme that is getting a lot of pat on the back due to its smooth, clean and easy user experience (UX). In this article, we will review Wavee. Wavee is exclusively crafted for creative agencies, digital agencies and for personal portfolios.

We will go through the different features of the theme and reach a conclusion regarding if you should pick Wavee as your website theme or not.

In the following we will answer the following questions regarding Wavee.

  • Who should use Wavee?
  • Is Wavee mobile responsive?
  • How many built in demos are there? Do they look cool?
  • Does Wavee has any page builder?
  • How is the support of Wavee?
  • Is Wavee fast or a slowpoke?
  • Can I create an online shop with Wavee?
  • And more!

Let’s go into the detailed features of Wavee.

Who Should Use Wavee

Wavee is a theme that will suit the most with creative agencies, digital marketing companies, freelancers and professionals. The overall design interface, pre made elements and demos are designed to create a creative and stellar website.

With very easy and smooth user experience, Wavee comes with all the necessary features that are needed for a creative agency website. You can display your portfolio, feature work, client’s testimonial, project synopsis and many more with Wavee. Depending on what you do, you can make the most out of Wavee.

Features of Wavee

 Wavee comes with many features, perks and downfalls as well. Stay with us and know more about what can make Wavee the next big theme for creative agencies and individuals.

Wavee is Fully Responsive and Retina Ready

According to Statista, more than 50% of a website’s traffic comes from mobile devices. You will get visitors from all sorts of devices and platforms. It is important to have a website that is fully responsive and retina ready on a laptop, mobile, tablet or any other sort of device.

When it comes to Wavee, it is creatively designed with fully responsive and retina ready features. All the designs, elements and features of the theme is equally impressive from all devices.

Elementor Compatible

Wavee is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder. Elementor is the latest page builder. With its easy drag and drop feature, Elementor makes it super easy to customize and design your website. Thanks to the Elementor page builder, you don’t have to be a coding guru or programmer to edit your website.

As Wavee is compatible with Elementor, you can enjoy all the perks that come with Elementor page builder. You can pick from the amazing demos that come with Wavee or get creative with the page builder.

With the help of this page builder your website will become a canvas. You can paint the canvas just the way you like. Color it intrigued!

wavee Elementor Compatible

If you are looking for an Elementor compatible creative theme, Wavee will be the decision that you will not regret. In the next point we will shed light on the different demos that is pre made with Wavee.

You can pick from any of these demos or design your own with Elementor page builder. Now, let’s dig deep into the demos of Wavee.

Get Started Easily with Pre Made Demos

Wavee comes with 9 unique demos to choose from. Each of these demos are creatively designed to meet different needs of creative agencies and individuals. You can pick from any of these demos as per your preference.

Among the demos there is a balanced blend of portfolio styled demos and creative agency focused styles. In the following we will briefly describe the 9 different demos and how they can be a right fit for you. Along with that it has 8+ portfolio styles, 70+ elements and a total of 28+ pages.

Home Carousel Demo for Portfolio

Home Carousel Demo

The Home Carousel demo is a carousel based portfolio demo. You can showcase your work in a beautifully crafted carousel slider and many more features.

From the menu button you can navigate through the different submenus of your website. With the Elementor page builder you can build upon the style and bring your required modifications.

Home Masonry – Creative Portfolio Demo

Home Masonry

The Home Masonry demo comes with a very creative interface. You can showcase your portfolio with visually bold templates. The design grid consists of many layouts and variations.

It can be easily used to display your creative works such as creative designs, photographs, digital artworks and many more. This demo also has menu tabs that can be used to navigate through the website. Design your website with different available styles and customize with Elementor page builder.

Home Horizontal Slider – Horizontal Slider Theme for Creative Agency

Home horizontal Slider demo is a creative display of an out-of-the-box feature. Instead of scrolling vertically, with this demo you can design a page that will scroll vertically.

This slider based theme is a good fit to display works of creative agencies as well as individuals. Along with the built in features, you can easily customize your website with the Elementor page builder as well.

Project Showcase – Creative Theme for Project Display

Project Showcase

Project Showcase demo is a good fit for displaying your versatile creative projects. This home page design is designed to focus on different projects that your organization has completed. This demo is suitable for both organizations as well as individuals.

If you like the demo, you can use it as it is with little customization. Or you can use the Elementor page builder to customize and design your website with the built in drag and drop options.

Design Studio – Creative Theme for Studio

Design Studio

Design Studio demo is designed for creative studios and agencies. You can create your website based on your theme very easily.

The demo comes with various design elements and buzzing color combinations. You can pick from the different built in elements and use the Elementor page builder to do the necessary customization.

Full Screen Portfolio – A creative and Responsive Theme for Creative Agencies

Full Screen Portfolio

The Full Screen Portfolio is a buzzing and creatively illustrated demo. This can come handy to any creative agency. The demo and the available pages are all that a creative studio needs.

You can include your service, client testimonial, add video showreel, client list and a contact form as well. Along with the pre-made features, you can use the Elementor page builder to create a creatively dynamic website for your creative agency. 

Creative Agency – Creative Theme for Creative Agency

Creative Agency

This Creative Agency demo is about showcasing your work as well as describing your organization. This is a very good demo for displaying portfolios as well as for organizational use. You can go with the built in demo as it is, or you can easily customize with the Elementor page builder.

Home Split – Split home WordPress Theme

Home Split

The Home Split demo is just like the name suggests. The design splits the home page into two different sections. It is creatively designed to ensure an easy user experience for the visitors.

Your creative agency or digital agency can easily create a stellar website based on the design of this demo. Plus, the Elementor page builder is also here if you want to change and modify the theme according to your requirement.

These are the demos that come with Wavee. If you like any of them, you can get Wavee right now and get started with your website in no time. Now we will discuss the other additional features of Wavee that make it stand out from other similar themes.

Friendly Support

While you are working on designing your website, if you get stuck, do not panic. The team behind Wavee has got your back. Wavee is the brainchild of DroitThemes, the team behind the bestselling theme Saasland.

They provide very good support through their ticketing service. If you are facing any issue, you can submit it via the ticket and they will reach out to you with proper support.

Along with that, Wavee comes with detailed documentation. This will help you to understand and get started with your website easily.

Speedy Performance

Wavee ensures proper speed in performance. The theme is very rich with designs, features, and other elements. But it does not compromise the speed and loading time of the theme. If you install Wavee on your website, it will ensure your website is fast and is not taking much time to load.

With faster loading time, Wavee ensures a proper and smooth user experience. It is very important to ensure fast loading time to keep the customer visiting your website.

WooCommerce Compatible

If you are wondering if you can create an online shop with Wavee? The answer is yes! You can integrate WooCommerce with the Wavee theme and turn your website into an online shop.

This can be a good option for freelancers and creative individuals who are planning to sell creative inspirations online. It is super easy to integrate WooCommerce with Wavee and get started with an online shop to portray your creativity.

Drawback of Wavee

Among the perks of Wavee there are few drawbacks as well. Here are listing down few of the major drawbacks of Wavee.

  • It is for creative studio and portfolio only: If you are looking for a blog focused website, or theme for saas products, then Wavee is not the right pick for you. There are other blog focused themes and saas oriented themes that you can have a look at.
  • Search limitation: Wavee does not come with any default search option. Which might be a drawback for individuals who are working with portfolios. But it can be resolved by just adding a basic plugin for free with your website. Then you can easily integrate the searching option within Wavee.

Before jumping to conclusion, let’s go back to the questions we asked about Wavee and look at the answers we have got.

  • Who should use Wavee?
    • Creative agencies, creative professionals, freelancers, photographers, project managers.
  • Is Wavee mobile responsive?
    • Absolutely mobile responsive and retina ready.
  • How many built in demos are there? Do they look cool?
    • Wavee comes with 9 different demos, 8+ portfolio styles, 70+ elements and a total of 28+ pages.
  • Does Wavee has any page builder?
    • Yes! Wavee has Elementor page builder. You can easily build, design and customize the theme and have your dream website ready in no time.
  • How is the support of Wavee?
    • Wavee provides support through ticketing service. The support team is friendly and has good knowledge base.
  • Is Wavee fast or a slowpoke?
    • Fast like flash!
  • Can I create an online shop with Wavee?
    • Wavee is compatible with WooCommerce. You can integrate WooCommerce with Wavy and have your online shop ready in no time.

Conclusion: Why Pick Wavee?

From the overall discussion above, we can reach the following conclusion regarding why should you pick Wavee?

  • Top notch Design: Wavee has won hearts and minds with its outstanding design. The design, colors and overall artistic illustrations are modern, upbeat and well suitable for any creative organization or individual.
  • Easy User Experience: Wavee gets a pat on the back for its easy and smooth user experience. While picking a theme, it is important to consider what the users will go through. In that case, Wavee also gets an advantage.
  • Easy Customization: Whether you import the built in demo in one click, or customize the page using Elementor page builder, the experience is seamlessly easy when it comes to Wavee. Designing and customizing your website is not a rocket science, rather a piece of cake.

Now as you know about the advantage and disadvantages of Wavee, you can make a decision to go with Wavee or explore more.

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