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9+ Best Free Tumblr Themes in 2024

Best Free Tumblr Themes

Best free Tumblr themes are essential for you if you are using Tumblr blogging platform. Tumblr is one of the growing third-party blogging platforms on the internet. Tumblr enabled themes for decorating individual blogging profiles with professional looks.

There are some paid and free themes available for Tumblr blogs. However, we are here to share our expert reviews on free Tumblr themes for you.

Content is KING! And the knight of that king is blogging. According to a recent study, blogging is among the third most popular tool for creating content.

In a time like this, blogging and microblogging platforms are on the rise. People love to read short and informative content and this is why many microblogging sites and platforms are doing better than before. Speaking of which, Tumblr is one of the most popular ones with 200 million active monthly users.

10 Best Free Tumblr Themes in 2024

Tumblr is basically a platform for microbloggers and for people who has a knack for knowledge. This is an ideal place where you can share your thoughts and ideas with the community.  You can set up your profile and start blogging. 

With that thought today we will be listing the 10 best free Tumblr themes in 2024. If you are looking for free Tumblr themes, you have clicked on the right article!

1. Indy Minimal Tumblr Theme for Free

Indy Free Tumblr Themes

Indy is another best free Tumblr theme that can serve your purpose with its design, features and easy to navigate experience.   If you are looking for a Tumblr theme for blogs, Indy can be the right pick for you.

Indy is the best one for us for its simplicity and clean design. Indy is well known as a clean and simple Tumblr theme. The beautiful layouts and creatively crafted content on your website surely attract your visitors.

The overall experience is easy enough to keep the visitors glued to your website. You can add a backdrop photo to showcase your posts and colors using the photo set options, which is integrated with the theme.

With this option, you can encourage others to share your blog easily on any social platform such as Pinterest, Twitter, etc. The theme this also mobile responsive and provides you with the best results that you are expecting.

If you are looking for a free Tumblr theme with a lot of options, Indy can give you a hand.  Indy is one of the best picks for a blog Tumblr theme but it has many other features too.  Have a look at the prominent features of Indy.

Theme Features:

  • Indy has got a simple, straightforward, clean, and minimal appeal.
  • The contents look very beautiful and attractive and everyone loves it.
  • Fast and mobile responsive.
  • Elegant and Eye-catching layouts.

Get Indy →

2. Ten Toes Free Simple Tumblr Theme

Ten Toes Free Tumblr Themes

Ten Toes is a fully responsive theme for your Tumblr and works smoothly on both desktop and mobile platforms. It amazingly supports all types of posts and editing your photo would be fun and easy.

Surprisingly, the theme brings a new update which is Instagram Feed Widget.  Finally, adding social links, embedding YouTube videos and getting to see them on mobile to desktop versions seamlessly.

Ten Toes is one of the best free Tumblr themes that can come in handy for your projects. Even though Ten Toes is popular for being a simple Tumblr theme, there are other features of this theme too.

Theme Features:

  • Minimal Tumblr theme.
  • Custom color and custom images can be edited easily.
  • Supports varieties of Google Typekit
  • Simple and clean Tumblr theme

Get Ten Toes →

3. Wicked Free Custom Theme for Tumblr Blog

Wicked Free Tumblr Themes

Wicked, as the name suggests is a wickedly cook clean Tumblr them that can propel your journey as a blogger. The theme is completely browser compatible, thus it will give the same smooth experience irrespective of the browsers being used.

Along with that. The theme is fully responsive, so it will be accessible and visible from mobile devices as well. Another best thing about this simple Tumble theme is that it is easily customizable.

If you are looking for a free Tumblr theme that is easily customizable, get Wicked! Wicked is most known for the cool Tumblr theme, apart from that the following are the different features of Wicked that you might like.

Theme features:

  • Wicked is fully responsive and browser compatible.
  • Easily customizable Tumblr theme.
  • Dozens of choice to customize your blog including spacing, color, and font’s placement.
  • Infinite scrolling Tumblr theme, suitable for blogging.

Get Wicked →

4. Sugar Tumblr Free Theme

Sugar Free Tumblr Themes

A different type of stylish Tumblr theme is Sugar. If you want to showcase your content with so many layouts based then this would be the best free theme for you.

To perform so, the variable Grid layout will nail it, and it is a theme that you are craving for a long time.  Apart from it, it supports many slideshows, custom fonts and more importantly allows to have 120 profile cards.

Lastly, you may enjoy the Google analytics access, share & tag social links, etc.

Sugar is a popular stylish Tumblr theme. It is best suitable for showcasing your content with a plethora of layouts. This free Tumblr theme is perfect for you if you are looking for a grid based layout for your website.

Sugar comes with creatively designed slide show options, custom fonts to choose from. Plus, it has 120+ profile cards for your use. In addition, you can easily integrate Google Analytics with this theme and get insights from the theme.

This stylish Tumblr theme is a bundle of quality features. Sugar? Yes, please!

Even though Sugar is widely known as a stylish Tumblr theme, it also has the following notable features:

Theme Features:

  • Easily customizable color schemes for the background.
  • Good jelling with Google Web Fonts, Tumblr fonts and more.
  • Responsive across all devices and compatible with all browsers.

Get Sugar →

5. Verse Tumblr Blog Theme for Free

Verse Free Tumblr Themes

Verse is a detailed design Tumblr theme that comes with interesting features. With Verse, you have the complete flexibility to design your page with the available options.

You can use the sidebars, header images and many more features to customize your website as per your preference. You can integrate Google Analytics with Verse and get insights from your website.

Along with that, you can link your website with different social media for social proof and shares. On top of that. Verse is a very fast Tumblr theme. It is deemed as one of the most suitable Tumblr themes for bloggers. 

Apart from being popular for being a go to Tumblr theme for writers and bloggers, the following are the notable features:  

Theme Features:

  • Easily customizable Tumblr theme.
  • Posts can be designed and customized with creative freedom.
  • Integrate social share links and analytics.

Get Verse →

6. Basic Customizable Tumblr Theme for Free

basic Free Tumblr Themes

Basic is a free Tumblr theme for beginners. If you are just starting your journey with Tumblr, you can pick this theme. The theme is designed focusing on the ease of use for the beginners.

Many of the users find it very easy to navigate through this theme. By making a lesser customization option, the theme by default becomes easy to use. Thus it has a very good rating when it comes to user experience.

This theme is widely known as the Tumblr theme for beginners but it is a good option for bloggers who are looking for free Tumblr templates.  Basic is one of the free Tumblr theme templates for starters and it has the following notable features:

Theme Features:

  • It comes with the Multi-Layered Navigation Basic comes with multi-layered options.
  • Retina ready and browser compatible from any device.
  • Comes with pixel perfect and easy to navigate interface

Get Basic →

7. Persona Free Theme for Tumblr Blog

Persona Free Tumblr Themes

Persona is one of the free Tumblr themes for photographers. This simple Tumblr theme can be very useful to photographers because it is focused on showcasing.

Along with that, if you are looking for a portfolio Tumblr theme, Personal can be a good option for you as well. The theme is feature rich and has a lot of room for customization.

You can link your social media, and use the media to share your blog and more. Apart from that, this aesthetic Tumblr theme comes with many different layouts, fonts and design features that give your blog a stellar makeover. This portfolio Tumblr theme has the following special features:

Theme Features:

  • Easy to customize images and background.
  • Custom made as Tumblr theme for writers.
  • Variation in design and features.

Get Persona →

8. Free Chale Tumblr Theme

chale Free Tumblr Themes

If you want to see your newbie IT startup looks distinctive, then feels free to tweak the Tumblr blog along with Chale Free Theme. The main attention of this theme is – showcasing the feature image with a split-screen where you can explore many art-based images to see.

Chale follows the latest trends and runs on a smooth interface. Furthermore, the theme is very much like adopting modern devices and browsers. Finally, the main reason to have on your blog is to experience the easy skimming content using it.

Chale is a good pick if you are looking for a Tumblr portfolio theme. With the help of this theme, you can display and demonstrate your creative side. This free Tumblr template comes with easy to navigate interface and good scope of customization.

You can easily design and customize your website with the built in tools. Plus this theme is responsive and retina ready. Your visitor will have similar navigation and experience while they browse your website.

If you are looking for a free Tumblr theme for portfolio, Chale can be a good pick for you. Even though Chale is known as the portfolio Tumblr theme, the following are the different features the theme has:

Theme Features:

  • Endless scrolling Tumblr theme.
  • Navigation and the overall user interface is very easy to use.
  • Super responsive and compatible with different browsers.
  • Easily customizable background and layouts.

Get Chale →

9. Skyfall Free Theme for Tumblr Blog

Skyfall Free Tumblr Themes

Last but not least the free Tumblr theme that can come in handy for you is Skyfall. This creative and cute Tumblr theme is suitable for photographers, designers, and even for showcasing your portfolio. 

It is one of the most used Tumblr themes for photographers. It can also be a good pick for you if you are looking for an anime Tumblr theme. With the gallery layout, you can easily show your creative aspiration to the audience.

This color Tumblr theme gives an upbeat and joyous vibe to the user. There are many features that will give your visitors a smooth and easy to navigate user experience while you are going through the website.

Apart from being a go to free Tumblr theme for portfolio, it has the following features:

Theme Features:

  • Skyfall has a classic single-column layout
  • You can connect the social share buttons easily with your page
  • Wide array of options to customize the theme and design

Get Skyfall →

10. Salvia – Tumblr Free Theme

Salvia Free Tumblr Themes

Salvia is undoubtedly one of the aesthetic Tumblr themes that you can get your hands on. This theme is oozing with creativity in every perspective. Salvia has a very unique and modern design.

Plus, it is a piece of cake when it comes to editing and customizing this free aesthetic Tumblr theme. Salvia is a perfect Tumblr theme for writers, photographers, artists, and creative individuals.

You will like lots of its cool features that make your tasks easier. This aesthetic Tumblr theme will also turn your site to a creative adobe. Here are some of the features we like most.

With full responsiveness, color customization, variations in typography Salvia is a good pick when as an aesthetic Tumblr theme. Among many of the features of Salvia, the following are the notable features of Salvia.

Theme Features:

  • It has a hidden menu feature, which makes your page look very simple/minimal, but the links and comfy navigations are still in a convenient place.
  • Provide an immersive reading experience for your writers.
  • It has a wide variety of customization options.
  • Compatible with all web browsers and devices.

Get Salvia →

Finishing Words: Best Free Tumblr Themes

These are the best free Tumblr themes of 2024. You can use these themes to get started with your blog on Tumblr. Along with that, these themes are categorized based on their specification and specialization. Pick from the theme that meets your expectation the most. By doing so you can get the maximum outcome from these themes. 

Please note that each of the themes comes with specific features and options. So go through the details of the features to get the right pick for you.

If you are already into blogging and have future plans to have your own website know more about getting a domain, hosting and WordPress to get started with your own blog.



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