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How to Automatically Translate WordPress – Easy Method

Automatically Translate in WordPress

Are you looking for the easiest way to translate your WordPress website into different languages? Well, we have good news for you. In this article, we will focus on the methods you can use to translate your WordPress site into different languages. There are many ways to translate your WordPress website. In nontechnical ways, you can begin with creating content in multiple languages, or give the responsibility to a professional translator or use AI-driven tools that will do the job for you. With that thought, we will list down the methods you can apply to translate your WordPress site to different languages easily. 

If you are wondering why it is important to translate german to greek or to any language, in the following, we will mention what can be the justifications to translate your WordPress website automatically. 

Why is it important to translate the WordPress site automatically? 

The first benefit of translating any WordPress site is the readers. If your website has visitors from different countries or belonging to different languages, then translating your website automatically to their language will be beneficial for the readers. They will be able to understand the message you are trying to communicate. When the content is shown in their own language, it will create belongingness in the mind of the readers. On the other hand, if you create content in different languages or hire a translator to hire the content into different languages, then it will be both time-consuming and costly. You can avoid these hassles and easily use different automated tools to translate the WordPress website to different languages. In addition, automatic translation of your WordPress site using different easy methods will be more effective for you. You can translate a few important pages with the help of these tools with ease. However, as the human touch is not present, then the overall translation quality might not be satisfactory to you, but the AI-driven tools are quite competent to ensure quality results. 

With that thought, let’s have a look at the easy method to translate your WordPress site automatically. 

Translating WordPress Site Automatically with WPML Plugin

The easiest way to automatically translate WordPress is to use a translation plugin. We recommend WPML for this.

Upon activation, click the ‘Register Now’ link that you will see on your plugins page. You will then see a page where you need to enter your site key. You can find this under your account on WPML website.

According to us, one of the easy methods of translating the WordPress site automatically is using the WPML plugin. This plugin is one of the must-have plugins of WordPress websites. This plugin specializes in translating website contents into different languages. However, WPML is a premium plugin, So you will have to purchase the plugin to get started. 

If you are wondering how to get and set up premium plugins, have a look at this step by step guide to showcase the entire process of adding a premium plugin to your website.  

After you have successfully purchased, uploaded, and activated the plugin, you will have to complete an additional task. It is exclusive for WPML plugin only; this is not mandatory for all other premium plugins. After you have activated the plugin, navigate to the ‘Register Now’ button on the plugins page. It will lead you to a page where you will have to put your site key. You can find this under your account on WPML website.

site key of wpml

After that, visit the WPML> Languages page from the WordPress dashboard panel. This will take you to the options where you can configure WPML setup. 

To begin with, select the language you want to be visible for your content. After selecting the content, click on the Next button. 

content language setup on wpml

In this section, you will be required to pick the languages that you want to enable on your website. This option is relatively easy; you will just have to tick the boxes beside the languages you want to make available for translation. 

site languages of wpml

The languages you have picked will be visible on the language switcher. WPML will lead you to pick an order for the languages in this section. You are also required to choose the course of action if translation goes missing for a specific page. 

Language switcher option of wpml

Just below this option, you can also add a language switcher to your navigation menu. You have the flexibility to add this as a separate widget or in the footer section of your website. Then you will have to link the translation on the top or bottom of your posts. By choosing this feature, you can also determine how the translation will look like from the built-in preview. 

links to translation of post

Once you are done, click on the Next button to proceed. 

After that, WPML will ask you if you want to send themes and plugin related information to Or not. If you enable, it will make the support process faster when you need it. 

compatibility repoting of wpml

After that, you will have to input your site key if you have not done it before. If you have entered the site key, then move on by clicking on the Next button on the page. 

Then, it will show you a recommendation to install other components. You can install and activate String Translation and Translation Management addons in this section easily. 

wpml installation

Click on Skip and Finish to complete the setup. 

Translating Your Content Automatically

To configure this setting, go to WPML > Translation Management from the WordPress admin dashboard. From there, you will have to choose the individual who will translate your site. It is recommended to put “Only myself’ in this section.


translation management

In the next section, you will get to see details of the Advanced Translation Editor. Click Continue to move on with the process. It will show a summary, and after that, just click the Done button to complete the process. 

Then it will lead you to the translation management dashboard. From there, you will have to click on the ‘Translation Tools’ tab and then the ‘Sign up for free’ button to set up the automatic translation. 

translation tools

The plugin will allow you to translate 2000 words free, then it will give you a monthly bill based on the number of words you translate. After inputting billing details, you will have to do the following: 

Click the “Translation Dashboard” option, and it will lead you to select the content you want to translate. 

Check the boxes beside the page that you want to translate. 

translation dashboard

After selecting the necessary content, it will show an estimate of the words from the selected pages. This will aid you in setting the budget for the automatic translation of your pages. 

In the next step, go down and click on ‘Select translation options’. It will generate a default translation for the pages you have selected in all languages. However, you have the chance to change the settings anytime you need it. After bringing the necessary changes, click on the ‘Add selected content to translation basket’ button.

tarnslation options

Now a new  ‘Translation Basket’ should be available at the very top of the screen. By clicking on it, you will be able to see the pages ready for translating. It will also show the number of words that will be required to translate the pages. 

If all the information is sound, you can click on  ‘Send all items for translation’ button:

translation basket

You should then see a success message.

After that, navigate to  WPML » Translations from the WordPress dashboard, and you will see the translations are in a queue. 

To make use of the automatic translator, just click on the ‘Take and translate’ next to any version of the page. 

After that, you will see a success message on the screen. 

translation queue

It will lead you to the advanced translation editor. From this section, you will have to click on the ‘Yes, translate automatically’ button, and it will take care of the rest. 

automatic translation

After that, with the help of machine language, WPML will automatically translate your content to the language you have chosen. 


advance translation editor

Click on the ‘Complete’ button at the very bottom of the screen, and you can move on to translate the other pages similarly. 

This is the easiest and accurate method available to automatically translate WordPress websites. By following this easy method, automatic translation of WordPress sites can be done for many pages of your website. 

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