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How to Connect WooCommerce to Instagram?

How to Connect WooCommerce to Instagram

The power of social media is just unarguable. It is a great giant to fascinate and captivate the audience. It is employed by all business types. The main goal behind it is to give a break to their website,  brand, and products.

Instagram, the visually oriented app is fun to use. It is focused on videos and photography. Hence, the best platform for businesses to market and build their brand.

Instagram loves validity and accuracy from all the accounts of e-commerce. You need to display accurate details regarding the product. Ensure to maintain your follower base.


An efficient WordPress support is the best way to connect WooCommerce to Instagram. Without any delay, errors, or glitches, they can make the process quick, neat, and great. Moreover, they can help you implement the latest trends that are meant for your business. 

Make sure to choose a reliable and experienced team for WooCommerce Instagram integration. Check their reviews and portfolio. 

Reasons to Sell on Instagram

Many users consider Instagram as a platform for influencers and photographers. In fact, many think that Instagram is just focused on visually-oriented products. 

Instagram is a hub for even non-traditional businesses like photography or fashion. For instance, a wedding planner can display their work. A make-up artist can show their recent clients and works. 

Please remember to:-

Post your business thoughts regularly. Do not miss important seasons like Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, etc. Run offers and rewards during this time.

Some Impressive Stats of Instagram Business

  • Over 200 million users visit the Business profiles of businesses every day. 
  • One-third of stories and reels on Instagram are from business. 
  • 60 % of people have found new business/ service/ products on Instagram.

It is seen that most users access their Instagram accounts via smartphones. The m-Commerce market is expanding. Instagram is a great space to sell products/ services. 

What is Instagram Shopping?

This is an extinguished feature on Instagram. It will help the business to tag and link their products to the Stories and Photos on Instagram. 

The best thing is you can highlight the inventory items within an image rather than linking them to the description.

The business owners can select any specific area of the image. They should link it to the page of WooCommerce. It is easy to display multiple products at once on the Instagram account. The businesses must ensure to link these products to their website.

Requirements for Instagram Shopping 

You must ensure to have a few requirements to employ Instagram Shopping. There are chances of changes as Instagram expands its platform for e-commerce. 

How Does Instagram Shoppable Post Work?

Instagram Shoppable posts are much like other social media. But there are a few differences. 

In the Instagram shoppable post, the user will see:-

  • Links and labels on the images featured in the post.
  • An icon of the shopping cart on the Instagram page. 
  • A button to check the complete shop

You get the option to do free marketing with the Instagram Shoppable post. It will help you to build an instant connection with the Instagram audience. 

Why Do Businesses Connect WooCommerce to Instagram?

Nowadays, many businesses are connecting their catalog of WooCommerce products to their Instagram. This is indeed an effective approach. 

Without any further ado, let us check the process for WooCommerce Instagram integration.

How to Connect WooCommerce to Instagram?

There is a myth that connecting WooCommerce to Instagram is a long process. But it is actually clear-cut. The process is simple and secure. 

Check the steps below for WooCommerce Instagram integration:-

Setting Up WooCommerce

On your WordPress website, download the plugin of WooCommerce. You can find this from the WordPress archive.

Once done with the installation process, activate the WordPress website. Follow all the particulates of WooCommerce wizard to set up a payment method, store, and other settings. 

Make sure to choose a proper theme that is engaging and lightweight. There are chances that the theme may cause trouble with page load and speed. The theme also leaves a remarkable impression on the user.

Set Up an Account on Facebook for the Creation of a Business Page 

Set up a business profile on Facebook. For this, visit ““.

Choose “Brand” or “Business” and complete all the particulars. Do not forget to add the images and information of our images. Ensure to add a username. 

Once done, tap “Publish Page” for WooCommerce Instagram integration.

Your business page is ready!!

Build Business Manager

This is a Facebook account that allows the management of the business pages on Facebook. You have to work on it to connect Facebook to Instagram and then to WooCommerce. 

Build Catalog

To build a catalog, click ““. Hit the option “Get Started” for WooCommerce Instagram integration.

Click “Create a Catalog” and then choose the option “e-Commerce”.

Select “Connect E-Commerce Platform” mentioned under “Upload Method, choose”. Lastly, from the dropdown menu, click “WooCommerce” for WooCommerce Instagram integration.

Next, you need to download the plugin “Facebook Pixel Extension”. After the installation, activate it.

Then visit “Facebook”. Tap “Continue” for WooCommerce Instagram integration. You need to do this till the “Confirmation” page.

Link Your Facebook Account to Instagram

On Instagram, go to the panel “Settings” and Choose “Accounts Center”.

Next, you must sign up for Instagram Shopping. Visit “Settings panel”, and hit “Business”.

Tap “Set Up Instagram Shopping” for WooCommerce Instagram integration. Next, choose “Add a Shop to Your Profile:”.

Build Instagram Post 

Once you get the approval for the Instagram Shopping account, you need to do testing. 

Post an image and click “Tag Products”.  Ensure that you post a clear image. 

You are done with WooCommerce Instagram integration.

Have a glorious journey with WooCommerce Instagram integration

Make sure to go step-by-step for WooCommerce Instagram integration. Even though the steps are simple but there are chances of running into errors. So, take it slow.

We hope you have a splendid business experience while connecting WooCommerce to Instagram. Good luck!!