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8 Ways to Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram For Free

8 Ways to Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram For Free

You’ve put a lot of effort into creating and arranging your Instagram content. You click “Share,” and everything appears to be OK.

Is there silence after that?

Alternatively, a few likes and comments from your little audience. So, what can you do to increase your Instagram followers and, as a result, your Instagram sales?

Instagram is a crucial business development and sales arena for B2C firms, even when it’s not filled with adorable puppy videos and elegantly designed lattes sipping lattes.

On Instagram, there is no one-time shortcut or plan for page development. There are, however, a few strategies to get more Instagram followers that might help you reach a larger audience and attract more followers.

Carefully Use Your Bio

Make the most of the 150 characters you have at your disposal. Your Instagram bio describes who you are, what you’re all about, and what you want people to do when they visit your profile.

A few pieces of business advice, a call to action (shopping, learning more, contacting us, etc.) and a relevant link can be included. 

Because your bio link is your sole clickable link on Instagram, use it wisely.

Some companies include a standard link on their website, while others include your website, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram store, and so on. 

Consider using bulk linking solutions like Linktree to show all of your brand’s links, including your website, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram store, and so on. While using third-party tools, do not forget to set strong passwords because you will log in to your Instagram account info. Or when you surf online for your Instagram business account consider using a VPN (exclusive review on ExpressVPN) to secure your Instagram account. In this way, you can use different social media management, analytics or integration tools without compromising the security of your Instagram password.

Encourage Brand Ambassadors and Influencers to Share Your Content

When looking for ways to attract more Instagram followers, it’s critical to understand the value of your target audience. The more organic followers you get, the more buyers and potential customers you will attract.

Consider sponsoring user-generated content like influencer recommendation posts, link posts, and posts where your customers have tagged you to keep your brand in front of customers and attract their attention.

Avoid Purchasing Fake Instagram Followers

The distinction between a phony and a real Instagram account is significant. Buying Instagram followers may seem appealing, but the drawbacks outweigh the advantages of organic follower development.

Users’ faith in an Instagram account with tens of thousands of followers drops when they notice it is inactive. Your freshly obtained bot or egg accounts, implying that your new followers will not buy, like, or comment on anything you post, are effectively useless. Even a casual Instagram user can now see those accounts with a large number of followers but few likes buy followers.

Start a Dialogue with Your Instagram Followers

Communication is one of the most efficient ways to get people to notice your Instagram account. Question and answer sessions, live broadcasts, guests on live broadcasts, and survey questions and answers are just a few examples. You may pick two product photographs and edit them with a photo editor such as Picsart to ask your followers which color they prefer, or you can conduct a poll to determine which cover photo is the most fascinating.

Try responding to as many questions or comments as possible since this approach may help you get new clients and followers or improve your relationship with your target audience.

Research and Use Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags will help you reach a broad, targeted audience. Instagram users, like any other social media site, see new material as they discover it by being related to the best hashtags. This is a brand-new way to sell on Instagram.

Drive Traffic to Your Instagram Account from Various Sources

Make it simple for others to locate your Instagram account. 

  • You can ask your personal account, people in your team, and your environment to share your account on a regular basis. 
  • You can add links to your Instagram account in your e-mail signatures
  • Add an Instagram icon and referral link to the bottom and top banners of your website
  • Put your Instagram store link in the bios of other social networking platforms.

Organizing Instagram Contests and Giveaways

Advertising an Instagram giveaway or just providing sweepstakes with organic posts might help you earn more followers if your Instagram giveaway post asks people to follow you and tag their friends to comment on a photo of you, follow your page, and, if required, the page of a sweepstakes partner. Friends who have been tagged in your post will see it and may choose to follow you. Another option is to announce the draw date at a later time. Although some of your new followers will unfollow after the draw, you can boost the number of people who become familiar with your account, love it, and eventually become permanent followers.

Aim for The Explore Page Algorithm

One of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram following is to be related to potential followers on the Explore tab. 

  • Reels; One of Instagram’s newest methods is to appear in the Explore stream, which works well for linking related accounts.
  • Additionally, the more engaged your Instagram audience is with you, the more likely Instagram’s Explore page will promote it to “lookalike audiences.” In other words, suggesting the trio of likes saves, and comments to your followers will attract new followers to your account.
  • Using location tags, tagging related accounts, and hashtags are further ways to boost the reach of your material on the Explore tab. Special tags, such as #explore, might help you boost your chances.

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